Believe or leave?

I live in a city where heavy traffic prevails. It the center where people in the neaby provinces pass by. Since college, I always endure how hassle traveling can be because of this scene every single day. Now that I am employed, everything gets worse. 

I do not know if they mean it when they schedule road repair in June. Classes has started and that’s the same period when they do all the renovations needed. Thus, there is always a series of traffic violation committed by the truck drivers who insist on passing this narrow road. 

This misfortune happens to me. I am a victim on how this traffic kills productivity. There was this time when I left home at 5:45. I allocated one hour as travel time. But then, since the road was occupied with big construction materials, vehicles were allowed to use one lane only. 

Since most of the tricycles I ride are stuck in the traffic, passengers are stuck in their terminal, too. There is a long line for passengers who do not have a choice but to wait. Imagine fifty people, standing in line, enduring how hard is it to live as a commuter. We have no choice but to wait.

As I wait, I realize that there are ways on how to react on this matter. It’s either to complain or to accept the fact. One can initiate plans on how this matter can be resolved. Some people can make themselves busy while waiting. Some of the passengers just talk with their friends. Some of them prefer to leave the terminal and look for another trip by any chance. Some may simply give up and beat the situation next day. I choose to wake up early the next day and adjust my schedule if necessary. 

The way these passengers wait is just like us when we pray. Sometimes, God doesn’t reply to us right away. He lets us wait. Maybe, he tests our patience, or sometimes our faith. He gives us situation that builds our character. Through waiting, our trust to God strengthens. The way we respond is certainly the manifestation of our faith. 

In waiting, we choose to believe or leave.

Have you prayed so hard yet received no response? 

How do you handle it? Do you believe or leave?
Yours in Faith,


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