See the brighter side of life.

“Alam mo, masyado kang negative,” said our principal who just read my book 13th Prayer. I was fortunate to had a chitchat with her regarding my first book in St. Paul’s. It was last week when I gave her a copy of my book. I was too shy enough to give that book to her because that book is a product of my creative and wishful thinking. I believed that book wouldn’t pass her standards (she is a nun.) But then, things changed when she reviewed my book.

I was at the principal office asking for permission to leave the campus for an hour. I needed to show a gate pass signed by sister before I could go out. When I first came, our principal wasn’t there. I went upstairs to see my immediate boss. She signed my gate pass. I had to pass by the principal office again and had it stamped. Luckily, Sister was there. She personally signed my gate pass. Now, I had three signatures for my gate pass. Then, while she was signing my gate pass, she told me that she already read my book.

The crazy version of me asked, “Would you recommend the book to our students?” I was referring to the students in St. Paul’s. 13th Prayer was somehow cliche. So, I didn’t have the confidence to promote my book to my school. She told me that I was too negative about my book. I should be proud of my book because it tackled reality that every youth experiences. In fact, the book would be of great help if it would be read by our students.

I asked her a follow up question. “May I post a poster of my second book in school?” I was sooo ashamed of asking this question. I didn’t know that she would agree. She immediately recommended me to see our Directress. I had to ask permission, but if she would be asked, it would be fine with her.

The next day, I talked to our Directress. She agreed. She signed the poster. It was posted. As easy as that. But things were not as easy as this when I was just conceptualizing all these things in my mind. I was too negative regarding this. Not the kind of negative that absorbs pessimistic energy, but the lack of confidence.

I write books, yes, but then I do not have the courage to share it to my friends just because I think my book won’t pass their taste. I am self-proclaimed corny and cheesy person. So,  I don’t think that they will like it.


This certain event in my life reminded me to keep holding to my faith. God has given me the talent in writing in order to share His Good News. Hence, I shall do my best to become His instrument. I shall never cease in serving and loving him through writing. I know, I still have so many paths to take, but writing a book for the youth that leads them to God is definitely a good start in journeying this path.

From now on, I will not limit myself to what my eyes can see, my mind can think, and my ears can hear. I will depend on God and see brighter things in life. There is so much to be thankful for. I am happy about these things!

Praise be to God!

Have you been so negative lately? Why?

Turn that negativity into productivity. Learn to act, and trust God. 

Strain forward, 



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