Side Hustle for Millennials

As a millennial, I always want to see myself as a successful person. This is why I work on a passion project that includes saving for my future. I spend my free time searching for a part-time job. I badly need an additional work because I wish to complete this passion project  without spending  money  from my monthly pay . The only way to make my project possible is to seek for an extra job. Luckily, I have found an extra job as a home-based online teacher.

After my daily job, I rest briefly, then proceed to my home-based office. Then, I teach English to foreign students. I complete tasks at  my time, pace, and schedule. Hence, I never worry.

I am able to fill my e-fund because what I have earned from my extra job goes straight to my savings. Are you also looking for an extra job? Then, here are some of the companies that you may consider.

  1.    YBM – This company is located in Eastwood. For those who live near the area, you may want to work here. My classmate in college are  working here. I believe they offer part-time slots, too. She told me that working in this company has fulfilled her dreams as an English teacher. She is able to feel her passion burning. Since she’s been there for four years, I think it is a company worth trying. I am so touched reading her personal sharing about her job.


  1.    51Talk – If you want to meet Chinese students, then this company will suit  you. I have worked here before and the application process is simple and easy. They have opened slots for teachers who want to work from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM. 51Talk has been of great help for me because it offers more opportunities for me. If you are too industrious, you can earn more from them.


  1.    Learntalk – If you wish to teach while you enjoy doing social work, try LearnTalk. I personally recommend their site because the application process is simple and easy. When I applied here, they only ask for my basic information, a video, and other details. They also focus on their students by letting them do most of the talking.


Successful people say that what people do after their work determines their future. I think that the same saying applies to all millennials who wish to go against the mediocre work ethics. If you really wish to act on your personal project, then it is the time that you go beyond your limits.

Does what you do after work help you grow? If your answer is no, then take a leap. Discover more opportunities by seeking an extra job. You can surely handle this because you are a flexible, hardworking, and passionate kind of person.

If I am able to do this, you can do it as well. All it takes is courage, patience, and prayers. You can always go beyond watching K-dramas, playing Candy Crush, and scrolling your Facebook newsfeed after work.


Do you have other recommendations? Let me know.




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