A Recollection Based on the 7 Last Words of Christ: My Takeaways

My Takeaways from Me, Myself, and OTHERS:

A Recollection Based on the 7 Last Words of Christ

Photo from St. Paul’s Online Facebook Fan Page.

I’ve been searching for a meaningful Lenten Recollection outside our parish. Luckily, upon stumbling on my Facebook newsfeed, I saw a sponsored post about Me, Myself, and OTHERS: A Recollection Based on the 7 Last Words of Christ. This event was sponsored and facilitated by Society of St. Paul. It was my first time to attend their recollection, and I was definitely let in awe. I was so inspired that I reached my point of updating this blog after six weeks of being idle.

Here are my takeaways from their recollection.

On Forgiveness…

  • Know ourselves first. Then, pray for our weakness.
  • We are Christians, first and foremost.
  • Love is all we need to forgive.
  • It’s hard for us to forgive, because we are hurt.
  • Pray for God’s mercy and healing for us to forgive.

On Sharing God’s Joy

  • There is no holiness in sadness.
  • God will forgive us if we repent.
  • Paradise is not for sale.

On Loving Our Mothers

  • God’s way is different from our ways.
  • God has always better plan than us.
  • If there is prayer, there is grace.
  • If you are close to Mother, you will never be set apart from the Son.

On Separation

  • Iniwan is different from Pinabayaan. The latter is total abandonment.

On Spiritual Thirst

  • Thirst will be always part of our life.
  • We can be physically or spiritually thirsty.

On Offering our Life

  • Jesus’ life is a never-ending story of giving of 3 S’s: sarili, sakripisyo, saya.
  • We have God who can always give what we need.
  • When God calls, He provides. When He provides, He sustains.

On Surrendering (my favorite)

  • We are called to a life of surrender may it be passion, attachments, or sins.
  • We surrender as a GIFT or as a response.
  • Surrender is the best gift we can offer to God.
  • Follow God without knowing where He’s send you.
  • Wait for God’s perfect timing without knowing when.
  • Expect a miracle without knowing how God will give it.
  • Trust God’s purpose without understanding the circumstances.
  • Surrender is a decision, discipline, and way of life.
  • Ang tunay na kalayaan ay pagpapaubaya.
  • It is through surrendering that we receive God’s gift of Lenten season.

Final Notes.

The Seven Last Words are not words of farewell. These are words of love. These are words of forgiveness. These are the sweetest and encouraging words that Jesus can tell us. He always has more than seven words to offer. When we listen to Him, everything is kept in place. Again, surrender.



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