The Kundiman Party

“Life is the only thing that artist needs.” – Adela

At first, I thought that The Kundiman Party would be boring and dull. But, I was wrong. This musical kundiman play built a connection between the past and present, the old and the youth. It discussed social media, politics, family, and a little slice of life. It used jokes and puns to describe the funny and ironic side of life.

It talked about the relevance of the past customs to the present day’s challenges and struggles. It encouraged the young ones to open their eyes (minds and hearts).


Those young people were called to SING, REMEMBER, and RESIST. It was so funny, yet everything made sense. Imagine veteran actresses gave justice to their roles. OMG. I was left hanging at the end of the play. Everybody who watched it wanted more!

The Kundiman Party, a new play by Floy Quintos, is about Adela who was a famous Kundiman singer of her time. It is also about Bobby’s political struggles to resist. It is everybody’s story that you should watch out.

Everybody should see this play. It is still staged in UP Palma Hall, Wilfrido Guerrero Hall.



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