Research and its Life Lessons

I am itching to write a quick blog post about what happened tonight.

It’s Thursday, and I just came home from my MA class (that ended too early than the usual).

We talked about our final paper. But, more than that, I admired how our professor took our discussion to the next level. He didn’t just tell us the technicalities of writing a research paper. Instead, he inspired us to work hard.

  • Our professor reminded us to be more resilient to pain. Pain is part of learning. If we do not learn, we won’t grow. Who wants getting stuck in the same place all over again?
  • Also, he reminded us that being worried about writing our thesis is natural. We are used to staying in our comfort zone. But, if we try to exceed what we usually do, then we are moving up to the next level. And that matters.
  • Also, I was moved when he reminded us to be more intentional in our research. He told us to be of great purpose in writing our research. We should be driven for learning, and not just the degree.
  • He reminded us that we should not rush things. It takes time to create great outputs. Hence, our degree will follow once we’ve decided to write our best product ever.

I don’t know but tonight is the highlight of my academic year in UP. I really admire how passionate and dedicated our professors are. They are encouraging (so far).

May we finally know our real intentions in life.


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