Introvert Mode: Bed Over Beach

Bed Over Beach and Big Events

I’m at the point in my life when I get too tired easily. Too much work in school. Too much worries at home. Too much schedule and sideline to deal with. I could be your most optimistic friend but sometimes, bad things happen, and I find it okay.

Maybe, this comes as I age. In my younger years, I used to write 30-50 articles in a week. I can hustle until 9pm. Now, as I embrace the side effects of the Philippines transport crisis, I get tired going home. The traffic just worsens every single day.

Despite this sorrowful introduction for my blog, I never lose hope. I’ve learned to find balance by finding time to rest. Yes. Rest. Basic, right?

Rest is a four-letter word that sometimes people tend to forget. I confess, I also forget to rest. I’m that kind of person with an annual planner that is full of schedule. I am amazed when my planner is filled with so many activities, whether it is personal, work-related, or church-related. My eyes always sparkle whenever my weekend is filled with productive days.

But still, my age told me to find time to rest. My system encouraged me to enjoy solitude at certain times. As of this typing, I am trying to grant that desire to be alone.

For the second Saturday of October, I politely declined an invitation to join an outing. My understanding friends respected that decision. Thank God. I also did not join a conference (which I initially planned). I just stayed home with lola… until 4:00PM.

After 16 hours of staying at home, my lola asked me to do some errands. Then, boom. That errand made me bring my laptop, notebooks, and will to write this blog. I am taking the opportunity to write something.

I really find it challenging to write when I am at home because we made our house so comfy and desirable place where we can rest. It seems like working is not meant to be done there. Or baka mas gusto ko lang talaga magpahinga sa bahay.

So basically, I am alone while typing this. I super enjoyed solitude that I get too lazy meeting friends on a random basis. For me, time is such a non-renewable resource and I should only give my time to those people who really need it. I literally chose bed over beach and big events. Hurray for that success.

It’s a small victory for me to stay at home or to type a blog post somewhere else. Hence, this deserves a space on my humble blog, right?

How’s your week so far? May you all have a satisfying weekend ahead.

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