Mandarin Class in UPD

New Year always starts with a “new-year-new-me mantra” like doing something that scares or challenges you. In my case, I started my 2020 with two crazy things: 1. enrolling for residency in my grad studies (without concrete thesis plans because sometimes artists are like that), and 2. enrolling for a Mandarin class.

I am currently taking up Malikhaing Pagsulat, but at the same time, I want to venture in learning a new language. I don’t know but I just have this feeling that anytime now, PH might just be so close with China.

Anyway, learning a new language challenges my existence. I really feel dumb every time I enter our plain white classroom with 25 students from different field (accounting, BPO, international studies student, law, fresh grad). I am the only teacher enrolled in that class.

This 30-hour class costs 3,500PHP in UP Diliman Extramural Classes, under College of Arts and Letters, Department of Linguistics. Classes are held for three months. There are 10 meetings, and 24 classmates. It’s really a great deal because this class comes up with unlimited references. Plus, my professor is really passionate about teaching this. She’s willing to help anytime of the day thru e-mail. ❤

So what is in store for you after enrolling this class? You will learn the basics, be familiar with some characters, and introduce yourself plus be exposed to so many useful terms.

This is only Mandarin 1, there still Mandarin 2, which I am looking forward, too!

Basta, learning a new language is indeed an eye-opener. You’ll realise that you are still bound to learn a lot of things, culture, and facts about yourself, as you try to know other countries as well. 🙂

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