Paghilom Book by Kim Derla

From Paano Mag-move on, to After Breakup, and now, Paghilom, Kim Derla is back with another heartwarming book that will surely win your heart.

I have written this collection of poems and essays for a year. It has been in my drafts folder since 2020 of March. But, it is only in June 2021 that I finally gathered all the courage to have it printed. I decided to self-publish it after reading the book, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Thank you so much, Jen!

How it Started

When I was broken hearted, my initial reaction was to write a book that would be entitled Paghilom. I even kept on saying these to my colleagues because I just needed to write it back then.

Poems and essays helped me survived during my darkest days. Whenever I feel down, and whenever the day was unbearable, I made myself busy by writing poems.

Whenever I feel the toughness of life, I just write.

How Did I Finish the Book

I started by not thinking of having this book published. I just wrote freely, without thinking of rules, and the usual conventions. I just wrote whatever I came up with after going to places, travelling to unknown provinces, and thinking deeply about life.

After that, I collated and compiled these in a file. Then, I asked Ate Beth to proofread and edit it. After she edited it, she also did the book layout. I collaborated with Kuya Dar Murillo for the illustrations and the book cover. I also asked my friend Stowie to finalized the book cover layout.

If you plan to self-publish, you may have the option to get for an ISBN. In my case, I did not get one. I just searched for a printer that would be affordable enough. Then, I posted a pre-order form thru Shopee, and viola! That is it.

As of this writing, I am waiting for the printed copy of the book. By the way, I decided to include free bookmarks, postcards, and stickers in these book. There is also an option to purchase a tote bag. πŸ™‚

How is Everything Going

To be honest, self-publishing a book is never easy. I needed to consider a lot of things. I also became more patient and understanding in the process of choosing which printer best suits the book. Also, selling, and monitoring the finance is not my thing, but I am trying my best to learn it because I have to. Also, I sold my camera for this investment, hoping that I can get an upgrade after the process. I knooooow, I could have used my spare money but if I do that I might not able to return it because… because. Haha.

At the same time, I have lots on my plate right now. I am currently reading and doing my research for my masters degree thesis. PERO I LOVE WHAT I DO RIGHT NOW. Thank you, Lord, for this gift!

I am not forcing you to buy. I am convincing you to give my book a try. πŸ™‚ You can purchase it thru Shopee so please visit this link and give yourself a reward for simply finishing reading this blog.


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