Love for Imperfect Things Book Review 2021

After reading three self-help Korean books, I have decided to read Love for Imperfect Things. Again, it is written by a Korean. He is a monk named Haemin Sunim. He is also the author of The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down. This book is published by Penguin; hence, we can only expect great things and experience.

Be good to yourself, then to others.”

Haemin Sunim

After seeing this at the back cover, I immediately purchased the book.

The blue sky-ish cover makes it look more relaxing and comforting. I just have this special attention for blue books. Hihi.

Anyways, for A+ for the book design. Every text and image are curated very well inside the book. It also contains dreamy images that would really make you relaxed while reading it. The images are definitely remarkable for its texture and overall look.

I have highlighted a lot of quotes because every quote from the book is worth-remembering. The first chapter, Self-care, reminds you about taking care of yourself first before others. It reminds you of the concept when you ride an airplane, in case of emergency, you have to put the oxygen mask for yourself first, before helping others. I believe it is something that we could also apply in real life. Before saving and caring for others, care and love yourself first.

We are taught to be mindful of others, and to take care of self seems selfish. But this book consistently reminds us to be considerate of our own feelings, too. There is nothing bad about it. If only we help ourselves first, we could be better in helping others, too. So please, care for yourself.

This book also reminds you to value your family. Make sure to always keep ties with them. Never ever forget that they have showered you with love. Respect them, at least. Chapter three discusses empathy and listening as an act of love. This reminds me that my presence for others is enough when listening, that I do not have to solve the problems they share. I just have to be there for them.

There’s a lot to learn from this book. I will end my review here so you’ll read the book further. This book is a masterpiece. Go get your copy now! (Not sponsored.)

Life updates! As of this writing, I have finished writing my outline and poetics for my thesis. Include me in your prayers that I finish my piece this semester. Thanks, folks!

Give more than you receive.

Haemin Sunim

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