Paghilom Book Signing in Patsy’s

Paghilom is my first solo self-published book. It was launched last year in June. Now, it’s published by Lifebooks, and (hopefully) it’s reached the right audience because it’s only 100php (cheaper than the original price. To be honest, finishing a manuscript is very challenging. But, I know my reasons. Whenever I feel tired, I always go back to my WHY.

Last July 16, 2022, I had my first ever book signing for Paghilom. It was on May 31, 2022 when the owner of Patsy’s Coffee and Pastries shop first sent me a message. I wasn’t able to read that because my page does not have notifications. She sent a message again last June 15, 2022. There, I was able to read her invitation.

I was hesitant to confirm at first. Sino ba naman ako para mag-book signing. Baka walang pumunta. But, eventually, with Ate Patsy’s convincing powers and assurance, I was convinced to say yes to her invitation. Here’s Ate Patsy! She’s so kind-hearted, warm, and very supportive. Thank you for believing in me ate.

Patsy’s in Pandi, Bulacan. It’s a coffee shop filled with books. Upon entering, you’ll immediately smell the aroma of the coffee inside their shop. You’ll be welcomed with their friendly baristas, too. If you’d like to read the books displayed, you have the liberty to do so. They do not judge. You won’t feel bad if you stayed inside their shop, reading.

We arrived early in Patsy’s. While waiting for the buyers of the books, we organized my books on the table where I’ll have my book signing. The book signing started at 10:00AM. I was welcomed by their regular customers. They happily greeted me and bought my books. Teenagers, college students, and even adults were there, asking me to sign there books.

I feel blessed. I know I do not deserve this kind of treatment. Again, I’ll always ask myself, deserve ko ba ‘to because I don’t feel worthy enough to sign books. After the book signing, I gave a mini-workshop about creative writing from 12:30-1:30PM. Six participants were present. Our output is a six-word story. Three winners received a tote bag, and a book from the owner of the coffee shop, Ate Patsy.

I’d never forget this moment. I feel so blessed and honored to have a book signing. I am so grateful to Ate Patsy for supporting local authors like me. She’s mentioned that it’s her passion and advocate to promote the love of books to others. I hope she continues doing that because lots of people will surely benefit from it.

Claiming for more books, booksignings, and readers in the future. May I bless more people through writing.


Author: kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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