Life Lessons Lately

After a month of not writing any posts, I decided to summarize my realizations lately. Grabe. Ang daming nangyari. I could only look back and try to write what comes into my mind now. I’ve written here what I need to remember. Ayokong kalimutan talaga, dahil very personal ito sa akin.

Here are some of my takeaways about life.

Not all people will support your cause.

No matter how supportive you are to your friends, they will always have reasons not to support you. It’s not that I feel bad about them for not supporting me/us but a reply will do. An honest reply. Unfortunately, they didn’t even bother opening my message.

I feel so dismayed. But maybe, I need to understand by now that not all people will really support you and that’s okay. What truly matterst are the people who are willing to support you.

I also realized that people have different priorities, and maybe my concern is not their concern. Maybe I just expected too much. I believe I need to expect that much from other people.

Health is wealth.

I know, this is so cliche. But I needed to remind myself several times because I tend to overwork. When I wake up, I think about my to-do lists. I always want to finish my tasks before the deadline so I always work in advance. And of course, sometimes, working in advance may result to disappointments (again). I sometimes skip breakfast if I am on the mood to work.

Since I seldom rest, my body somehow gave up. There was a time when I vomitted after waking up. My body felt so tired. I didn’t realize that my body is now asking me to rest. I was so occupied with my to-do lists that made me forget to rest.

So I just slept the whole day and rested.

The next day, I felt better. Because of this incident, I became more mindful on how I treat my tasks. I scheduled a rest or break for myself, too. I allocated time when to check my work email, and when to check my social media accounts. I also became more mindful of my diet and food intake. Less coffee and caffeine I guess?

Saying no (again).

I refused to a lot of side gigs lately especially if they aren’t good for my mental health. Saying no became easier for me since I practiced this a lot. How did I do this? I set my priorities first. I tried to determine what really matters for me. Then, after that, I would only work on things that would align to my values and priorities. I also said no when I feel so overworked with the tasks.

If you’ve been reading my blog (wow assuming), I was invited to different webinars. Biggest size would be more than five thousand (peak of pandemic). I was also paid to train teachers online and sometimes onsite. This was because of God’s grace. Yihh. Honestly, this happened because of my friend in MA who trusted me first to become a speaker. This made me work hard. Huhu.

I would give free talks when it is for public school, and for church activities as long as I was given enough time to prepare. However, there was a time when I was only given a week to prepare, a video recording of one hour to produce, and a very difficult topic to review. The 2020 Kim would find way to make this webinar possible, but the 2022 Kim realized that it’s okay to say no, for real.

Generally, I am happy and contented on where I am today. I have an opportunity to work from home. I have a lot of time to volunteer in our church. I couldn’t ask for more.

What are your life lessons lately? Care to share? 😀


Author: kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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