Coron, Palawan 3D2N Itinerary

Coron, Palawan is such a magnificent location where you can spend your weekend. With its pristine beaches, lakes, and delectable food , Coron should be one of your dream destinations.

In this post, I’ll share a practical and affordable itinerary in Coron, Palawan.

Please note that this itinerary is slow-paced with productive rest in between. My goal in this trip is to rest because our school had a term break. I think I deserve this trip. You deserve this trip, too, so keep reading!

How much is the plane ticket to Coron, Palawan?

I was able to book an affordable ticket going to Coron because of Cebu Pacific‘s promo, CebPass. This ticket only cost us 2,000, round trip.

If there is no seat sale available, Cebu Pacific usually offers flight going to Coron, Palawan for 4,000php-9,000php. You can also book a flight via Philippine Airlines.

What to do in Coron, Palawan?

Our main reason for this trip is to rest, and spend some valuable time outdoors. Secondarily, my goal for this trip is to visit the lakes, trysnorkelling, and eat seafood. You may try a lot of water-related activities in this place. From scuba diving, to kayak riding, there are lots of activities you may choose from.

Here’s my Coron Itinerary for 3 Days and 2 Nights.

Day 1

8:35am-9:30am: Arrival. Our flight was 1 hour and 15 minutes. I included here our waiting time and some delays in the airport.

9:30am-10:20am: Travel to Busuanga City. We were fetched by a representative from our accommodation in Coron. We stayed in Ahra’s Place. This accommodation was only 1,000php per night. They have complete amenities, accommodating staff, and free breakfast. Aircon and wifi are also available. Very affordable and practical choice, indeed. Highly recommended.

10:20am-4:00pm: After we dropped our bags in Ahra’s Place, we headed to our first destination. Our accommodation scheduled a boat trip for us, too. This trip started at 10:20am and ended at 4:00pm.

Package B included the following attractions:

Barracuda Lake – This was one of the best lakes I’ve seen in my life so far. The water is so clean and clear. It’s really deep. We enjoyed this place.

Snorkeling – We enjoyed this part, too. However, winds and waves were quite challenging to endure. We had to go back to the boat after five minutes of looking at the corals, and fish.

Smith Beach – We had our lunch our. Before we leave the main island, we bought fresh fish, and shrimps in the wet market. One of our tour guides prepared our meal while we were relaxing at the Barracuda Lake.

Our lunch was sumptuous. It was cooked with love. I admired how our tour guide added final toppings to the fish he grilled.

After eating our lunch, we headed to Twin Lakes. I must say our kayak rental was worth the penny. We enjoyed paddling the boat, though that was a tough activity. It was difficult to maneuver. There were boats, and people that we needed to deal with. Luckily, we survived this kayak experience.

We loved the view, the scenery, and everything we saw there.

Our Day 1 ended with a quick dinner at Mcdonald’s near Ahra’s. We laso had coffee at Sharky’s newly-opened coffee shop. This coffee shop was new yet the taste of their mocha latte wasn’t disappointing. I love how they served their guests, too.

Here’s our Day 2 itinerary in Coron.

8:30am-5:00pm We were fetched at Ahra’s at 8:00am. This was Package A of the usual Coron Island Hopping Trip. This is 1,000php per head. You’d like this trip if you love lakes, and snorkelling. This was one of the best trips I had so far.

Kayangan Lake. After our usual swimming and snorkelling, the best part of this trip was our Kayangan Lake swimming. We had to do some hiking. That was about 700 steps before we reach this destination.

I was so speechless seeing Kayangan Lake’s beauty. This lake reminded me how God loves us so much that he created nature to embrace us. I’d like to bring Kayangan Lake home. Haha.

Package A ended at 5:00pm. We just rested after this trip. Our dinner was in Calle Real, which can be found in Real Street. We had chicken and rice for dinner. Then, we headed to Epic Cafe. According to Google, this is a must-visit cafe in Coron. We tried their coffee and cake. It was good.

We walked going to St. Augustine Church, before we rode a tricycle going home. Our day ended well. We rested after dinner.

Day 3 Coron, Palawan

For our third day, we didn’t do that much. We had our free breakfast from Ahra’s at 7:00am. We looked how sky was so clear and blue that time. Then, at 10:00am, we went out again for early lunch and quick coffee hunting.

We ate at a local carinderia. This was the cheapest meal we ever had. 180php for sinigang, ginataang kalabasa, rice, and two bottled waters.

After this, we headed to Le Voyage Cafe. We ate crepe and drank coffee in this newly-built coffee shop. The ate in this store talked a little bit about Coron. She said that she’s a native and she’s been working in Coron for twelve years. She even served BTS in La Serenatta. She’s new in this cafe, too. Unfortunately, ate told us that she got laid off when that restaurant closed during the pandemic.

At 1:00pm, we were fetched by the van going to the airport. Our flight was 3:35pm, and we arrived in NAIA 4 at around 6:00pm.

How much should be your budget for your Coron trip?

This is our budget for this trip. I hope this helps.

Plane Ticket – 4,000php (2pax, roundtrip, Cebu Pacific)

Accommodation – 2,000php (2 nights, free breakfast, WIFI, 5/5 stars)

Package A Tour – 1,000php

Package B Tour – 1,700php

Dinner – 300php – 400php It depends on your appetite. Usual range is 350php/meal.

Cafe – 150php – 200php per cup. It depends.

Transportation – We usually ride in tricycle to go from one place to another. If you love walking, you may do that, too.

Pasalubong – We bought dried fish for 150php per pack.


Since I’ve been to Puerto Princesa before, I must say that Palawan is a must-see destination for all. This island welcomes all tourists and guests. It gives warmth, comfort, and relaxation without the need to spend that much.

Maybe, this will be my last out-of-town trip for the year. I need to save bucks for my big event next year.

I hope this blog helps. Enjoy and keep safe always.


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