When you buy art from artists, you are not just buying their products/services. You support their hardwork.

When you buy art from artists, you are not just buying their products/services.

You support their humble beginnings. Becoming an artist is not something a person can do overnight. It’s not magic, nor there is any secret formula on becoming one. Sleepless nights, newbie-feels in the field, and uncertainties are always present.

When you buy art from artists, you support the way they cope with tons of rejections. You support how they stood up and got back to the track. Crafting an art is not easy. It includes series of setbacks and failures. Still, artists thrive despite their personal issues in life.

When you buy art from artists, you support how they’ve honed their craft. You support their studies about it. You support their research on making their craft better. You push them for their betterment. You also support how they present their final outputs.

When you buy art from artists, you are subconsciously telling them to continue creating. You give them the means and the encouragement to keep on doing what the world needs. Art may not feed your physical body, but it is something that feeds your soul.

Again, when you buy art from artists, you are urging them to make this world a better place despite of all the mess present in life.

To the artists reading this, padayon!

To our supporters, salamat!


The Last Empress Review

I’ve been cringing to watch more Korean series after watching Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Recently, because of the enhanced community quarantine, I’ve decided to watch The Empress on Netflix.

It’s a fictional drama about the last empress of Korean Empire. So basically, the emperor was into killings, and prejudices, with his mother who actually controlled the emperor. Empress Dowager used his son as her puppet while she rules the empire. She’s also into series of anomalies inside and outside the palace as well.

I loved the mixture of historical and modern theme of this series. I guess, we all wonder how could tradition survive to this modern world. Also, what I loved most about it is its ending. As a writer and an audience, that’s what I always look into.

The writers were able to give justice to the ending. It lived up to its title, The Last Empress, by focusing that the power to decide with everything depends on the last empress. Her character has shown great development throughout the story.

It did not end up with the cheesy happy endings, instead, it was able to tie all conflicts with just solutions. Hays. I love this series, and looking forward to watch more.

By the way, try watching Mr. Sunshine and Chicago Typewriter. Please. Do yourself a favor. Kamsahamnida! 🙂

The Last Empress Poster – Not mine. Credits to asianwiki.


Hashtags, Hugot, at Feels Free E-book

It’s the second day of enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila. Hence, as a privileged millennial, I have the perks of working at home and spending more time with my family. Plus, doing my passion projects. Naks.

Since I am already finished with some of my requirements, I decided to upload an unpublished e-book that has been in my flash drive for two years.

Hashtags, Hugot, at Feels is a compilation of my essays and musings about life in general. It contains thoughts about social media Hashtag, Hugot, at Feels related hugots and feels at the same time. It contains seven short chapters which may help you reflect about life. Hehe. Light reading. Parang kwentuhan lang.

I just compiled some writings and decided to share it to the world. Hehe. Wala lang.

Feel free to download Hashtags, Hugot, at Feels !

Just click the title, folks.

Have a great day. Stay safe!



Dekada ’70 Musical Play Adaptation

Dekada ’70 has been one of the historical feats in Philippine Literature. Written by Ms. Lualhati Bautista, this novel has depicted realities during Martial Law. These realities, I believe is still applicable until now.

When my friend and I saw a poster of this play, we immediately booked a weekend to watch it. We chose the Gold Seat which costs 3,300.

Dekada ’70 Ticket

A short review for Dekada ’70 Musical

It is superb. I loved the simplicity of the stage. Since we were very close to the characters! There was even a scene where the two main character were just right in front of us. The stage added power to the message of this play.

Dekada ’70 Stage

I loved how the songs were written and arranged creatively. It was heartwarming to hear the strong point that these songs want to convey. We even sang it on our way home and while eating our dinner. The songs itself were call to action.

Of course, nothing beats the prowess of the characters. They are all outstanding!

Wala na akong ibang masabi kundi sobrang ganda at linis ng pagkakagawa ng pagtatanghal. Sulit po ang bayad, at sana masundan pa ang ganitong ganap! 🙂

Some of the characters. Shoutout to Juls! JULS YOU ARE SO GWAPO!!!


Sa Wakas Musical Farewell Run Review

Sa Wakas, a new Pinoy rock musical, started its farewell run last April 7, 2018, in Power Mac Spotlight Circuit Lane, Makati City.

I decided to watch this play because of the ff: 1.) its title, 2.) good reviews, and 3.) music. Oh, and also 4.) poster design of Sir Karl Castro (book designer of Sir Ricky Lee!).

The plot was simple yet surreal. It showed the sweetness of first love, and the bitterness of infidelity. It’s the same thing you’ll see on telenovelas, movies, and books. The only difference was Sa Wakas was staged. Also, it was presented in a different way. It wasn’t chronological, too. Mapapaisip ka talaga. Lines were well-written.

Of course, music was fantastic. Sugarfree did it well. The musical director was so amazing. He did everything perfectly. Galing. Also, the actors were able to relate the songs to their characters.

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The theme was in an urban setting. There were condos, rooftops, bars, office, and bedroom on one stage. They were so creative. I can’t imagine that some cabinets would be there, too. The stairs were used also. So millennial.


The Wakas Musical is a must-see play! This must be dedicated for those who are in love, in denial, in confusion, and in between.


What other plays do you recommend? Tell me please!


Always stuck in traffic,