She’s the Man Review



She’s the man. I was quite curious about the title so I watched this film. It’s about the girl named Viola, who really loved to play soccer. Because of her passion, she just found herself substituting her brother in their soccer team.

Then, Paul was her “roomie” who had a crush on Olivia. Everything was total love disaster. But in the end, Paul and Viola ended up together. (spoiler here)

I found the film good. There were some just draggy scenes. But, I love how the film ended. The twist was really unexpected.



Love and Other Drugs Review

At first, I thought that this movie is just an ordinary one. But as I watched it, hey, I was thinking that it was definitely incredible. I know, this is just an underestimation for the movie. This movie is far beyond that.

I like the character of Maggie. She’s not your ordinary girl. Although she has sickness, she tries to be calm. I like her. I like Anne Hathaway, too.I also find Jamie, adorable. His character is good. This is well-established in the story.

My favorite line in the movie is:


Yes, we may meet thousands of people. But those people won’t touch our lives. Sometimes, there will be always one person who can change our life.

How do you find this movie? 🙂


Sir, You’re Hot! Book

Sir, You're Hot Final Cover

This is not your ordinary student-teacher affair. This comes up with a riot.

The long wait is over! Finally, Sir, You’re Hot! will be released on bookstores this March under Night Owl Books. I’m not yet sure about the price but it’s affordable tho.

Sir, You’re Hot was first posted on Wattpad on July 2012. I never thought of this online book getting published. In fact, I was just an envy girl facing my laptop while drooling over those books which were first published. Fortunately, my God heard my prayers and allowed me to get published.

Thank you people for your wonderful support. I do promise to keep you updated!