The Kundiman Party

“Life is the only thing that artist needs.” – Adela

At first, I thought that The Kundiman Party would be boring and dull. But, I was wrong. This musical kundiman play built a connection between the past and present, the old and the youth. It discussed social media, politics, family, and a little slice of life. It used jokes and puns to describe the funny and ironic side of life.

It talked about the relevance of the past customs to the present day’s challenges and struggles. It encouraged the young ones to open their eyes (minds and hearts).


Those young people were called to SING, REMEMBER, and RESIST. It was so funny, yet everything made sense. Imagine veteran actresses gave justice to their roles. OMG. I was left hanging at the end of the play. Everybody who watched it wanted more!

The Kundiman Party, a new play by Floy Quintos, is about Adela who was a famous Kundiman singer of her time. It is also about Bobby’s political struggles to resist. It is everybody’s story that you should watch out.

Everybody should see this play. It is still staged in UP Palma Hall, Wilfrido Guerrero Hall.



Look at the Bright Side of Life with Monty Python’s SPAMALOT

It’s been a while since I watched a musical play. The last play that I’ve watched was Si Saldang, Si Marvin, at ang Halimaw ng Gabi last February 17. After that, I got stuck with paper works.

It was Monday night after my MA class when I received an invite to SPAMALOT. I didn’t have any single idea about this play. This was literally foreign to me so I did a little research about this musical play. I’ve found out that this is an adaption of Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. On its second rerun, Monty Python Spamalot must be a thing last year.


Always look on the bright side of life!

I thought I wouldn’t appreciate their jokes and humor. But, my reaction while watching? I just laughed all throughout the play. Monty Python’s SPAMALOT was silly and addictive! I couldn’t stop laughing at all their gestures and lines. It was indeed a play to watch! It was certainly for people of all ages. BTW, Kids were watching with us that night. I love the witty use of puns, and verbs as jokes.

Monty Python’s Spamalot is for people who badly need humor and light take on life! My work and acads are killing me right now, and SPAMALOT is a blessing in disguise for me.


This spectacular musical play is a Tony Awardee. It has been played in various cities around the world. It is adapted to suit the hearts and smiles of Filipino viewers. I love how the casts did their part. The choreography and musicality add beauty to the entire play. I couldn’t stop singing “Always look at the bright side of life!”

The directors gave justice to this play. Two thumbs up for these people.

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For 2018, Monty Python’s Spamalot is staged in Maybank Performing Arts Theater in BGC, Taguig City. Wherever you are seated, I guess that will be always enough to have an amazing SPAMALOT experience. It could be one of the highlights of your month! The poster looks amateur-ish, but this play will entice you with its witty acts and non-stop jokes.

You can always reserve your tickets at Prices range from Php 700 – 2,000. They are having promos on their Facebook page.

I am going to see two more plays this month. I can’t wait to share this experience soon.

Suggest more theater plays for me. Hehe! Let me know what else to watch, too!


Always stuck in life’s toughest decisions,





Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa Review

Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa is not your ordinary indie film. With its visuals, lines, and various elements, it’s a film that you must watch.

Why I watched it

Seeing its trailer on Facebook, I was convinced that I should see the film ASAP. The trailer included trains, urban places, and an emotional song. These things made me wonder what the film was all about. Luckily, this had been shown in selected SM malls, including Megamall. I went there, yesterday, to fulfill my “emotional” needs when it comes to films.

Unique Structure

What I loved about the film was its plot. It did not follow the typical structure of a story. It started at the middle of the story where the protagonists were finally searching themselves. These two, Sam and Isa, were weighing the conditions if they would pursue the relationship or not. They were in the middle of decision making. Lines and scenes were quiet limited and few. Instead, the film focused on its emotional side.

Enchanting Scenes

Scenes in which Sam was getting emotional were my favorite. The taxi scene was also a concrete proof why this film won several awards. How could you not love the way this film featured trains? I truly loved the way it was taken. The lights, platforms, and the train stations were admirable. The natural effect of people passing by wowed me as well. The shaky camera contributed to the film, too.

Why You Should Watch It, NOW

This film is shown in cinemas in limited time, and selected SM Megamalls. Therefore, you should see it now before it’s too late. Moreover, if you are the type of person who is into romance with a lot of complicated scenes, you should see this, too. Supporting indie film also helps the local film makers do more enchanting films like this. The film triggers your thinking abilities as well. See this movie now. 🙂



Minsan Hugot, Minsan Gutom

Minsan Hugot, Minsan Gutom.


“Ang buhay ay isang malaking menu—palagi kang may choice.”


“Ang sakit palang maging extra rice sa mundong puno ng half rice.”


“Buti pa ang soup, free. Ikaw, pagdating sa akin, laging busy.”


“Noong una ka lang nag-init. Para kang kape na bigla na lang nanlamig.”


“Para kang fishball, ikaw na lang ang hindi nagmamahal.”


“’Wag kang magpa-miss. Hindi ka pan de sal para hanapin ko sa umaga.”


“Sana Starbucks frappe na lang ako para may picture tayo together.”


“Maging stick to one ka lang. Hindi kami pancake na pwede mong pagsabay-sabayin.”


“Ang pag-ibig ko sa’yo parang tinga, malakas ang kapit sa una, pero kung pilit mong tatanggalin, mawawala na rin sa iyong paningin.”


“Service water lang ba ako sa buhay mo? Walang value?”



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