You need to rest, really.

This is my third post for this month! Yey! Usually, it takes me months to post a blog. I am grateful with the gift of time.

Life update! I am currently (technically) unemployed because I focused on freelancing. I now have the luxury of time to do the things I really love. This includes writing.

In my other blog post, I wrote about how silence helps people become stronger. Silence and rest go hand in hand. As if they’re a tandem.

For today, I unearthed this 2021 blog in my drafts about rest.

When was the last time that you REALLY rest?

Like, you do not check on your phone, do not read email, do not reply to urgent private messages, or answer calls related to work or a side hustle?

Has it been a long time?

I have a problem resting. It’s my weakness. I work a lot. I make sure that my schedule is filled with activities. I don’t want to be idle. There’s a time when I even work on weekends. However, this should not be a habit. It’s really tiring at the end of the day. (I have two eyebags.)

Time came when I felt really tired. I felt like I was only dragging myself to work. My mind couldn’t come up with creativity and aesthetically pleasing thoughts. With this, I knew that I needed to rest.

Rest is a reminder that we, humans, need a break. We need to pause. This pause does not mean that we are giving up, but we are just taking a break from everything.

After the pause, we move forward and start functioning again.

Rest is a reminder that we need to relax. Think of ourselves. Remember that we have a family who wait for us. For some, maybe they have a puppy who’s waiting for them, too. (In my case, tyni (a shih tzu).)

In Filipino, rest is translated as pahinga. The root word of pahinga is hinga, which means to breathe.

Rest is a must. It doesn’t have to be a luxurious activity. But, it should be as simple as finding time for deep breathe.

When I feel so exhausted after a productive day, I pause and breathe consciously. This has been my calming way of resting since 2019.

When I feel overwhelmed, I read books to escape from my reality. Highlighting text from the book is relaxing for me. Then, I copy these notes in my journal. When I feel uncreative, I watch anime on Netflix.

You need to rest, really. It’s a gift that you should not leave unopened.

When was the last time that you really rest? Feel free to share your thoughts in the chat box. 🙂

God is working in your waiting.

What do you do when you wait?

I’ve observed some people in the bank while waiting for my turn. Some people, while they’re waiting for their turn, they check on their phones. Some people talk to the person next to them. Some people just simply look at the counter and the teller as if, they’re creating a story in their minds.

Waiting doesn’t only happen in the banks. It happens every single day in our lives. Sometimes, it’s scary. Sometimes, it’s disheartening. But don’t forget that it is worthwhile all the time.

Here are my realizations about waiting.

Waiting when you’re all alone is scary. Sometimes, you question yourself, your identity, and your skills. “Is there something wrong with me?” you asked. “What should I do now?” you asked again. But, when you wait with the people you love, your heart is filled with joy. There is joy in waiting.

Waiting is a test of your patience. Maybe, God is teaching you an important lesson in your waiting. He wants you to learn something. He wants you to realize some things that you tend to forget. Maybe, He also wants you to recollect, or reminisce very valuable memories. Maybe there’s still unfinished chapter in your life.

Waiting also means that we trust God and His immense power over our lives. No matter how difficult is it to wait, we still ask Him to bless us, and guide us in this phase.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Waiting is a reminder that we are weak and it’s the Lord who’s making and keeping us strong. We may have plans, but the Lord has bigger and better plans for us. We just need to acknowledge His promise. Let’s trust His will. Our understanding is limited. We can only plan what we know, but when we lift up everything to God, we know that we are on the right track.

May your waiting be fruitful and meaningful, friends.

Silence makes you stronger.

Silence does not make you less person. It makes you stronger, and better. According to Lao Tzu, it is a source of great strength.

I used to think that silence is boring, that silence is actually a waste of time. As a youth leader, I am used to joining lots of gatherings. Our weekends were always filled with outdoor activities. In our ministry, we usually had events and formation for the youth. When my weekend is empty, I feel unproductive.

However, as I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I’ve realized the importance of silence. When I say silence, what I mean is the opportunity to stay still, reflect, and meditate.

For me, silence is important when slowing down and recharging.

In silence, I remember my unvisited thoughts. I can recall the little things that I need to do (the things that I keep on forgetting). I remember the things I need to organize in my room, the books I need to cover, the notes I have to keep, and the emails I need to read.

In silence, I can think of new ideas, stories, and my strategies to execute all these projects. My Paghilom book is actually a product of my silence. I’ve also noticed that I am most product when I am away from social media. I can write more posts and content after uninstalling Facebook on my phone.

As an educator, giving my students silence is also important in the learning process. It is an opportunity for them to think, brainstorm, and analyze the facts given to them. After asking a question, I give them some time to process their ideas. When they’re ready, they can answer the question easily. This is applicable to my foreign and local students.

I strongly believe that silence makes you stronger than before. It is not quitting but it is more of recharging. Through silence, you can also build a deeper relationship with God. Listening to His words is best done in silence.

When was the last time that you were silent? I hope you find time to be quiet in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life.