When the time is right, the Lord will make it happen.

The theme for this week is “When the time is right, the Lord will make it happen.”

Despite the ups and downs of unemployment, I was able to manage several writing gigs and to work on some personal projects. I was able to speak to a group of youth ministers. I was able to talk to Basic Bible Seminar 2 attendees. I was able to submit my deliverables. Wow. This week was one of a kind. A lot of things happened which I am grateful for.

When I went to National Book Store, I saw my book Paghilom on the Most Popular Books shelf. Who would have thought that this cutie cutie book would reach this shelf?

Aside from this shelf in NBS Megamall, I also saw the announcement of my first ever book signing and writing workshop! Patsy’s Coffee and Pastries Shop sent an invite last May 31 about this book signing but I was able to read it recently. The coffee shop owner invited me to have a simple meet and greet! Please help me by liking their page, too ha.

Any readers from Bulacan? I’ll be in this coffee shop on July 16! I will be signing books and giving a short writing workshop for those who will attend the event. It’s a dream come true for me because the last time I had a book signing was in 2016. Praying for more opportunities like this so I could be of help to others. Yes? Yes!

The most exciting news for this week is this!!! Paghilom is one of the bestsellers in National Book Store!!! Such a big thing for me. Among the many books in NBS, Paghilom is in the list. My heart is so happy. Noong bata ako, pangarap ko lang magkaroon ng libro. Pero yung mapasa pa sa bestseller? Sobrang thankful ako kasi hindi ko naman in-expect ito. Thank You, Lord, sa kilig feels po talaga! Kahit hindi siya bestseller, masaya ako as is for this book. People tell me that they feel blessed after reading it. Kaya, Lord, please, pa-claim na po ako ng points slash rewards from you po?

My heart is full. After reading Chapter 1 of the book The Gratitude Diaries, I’ve changed my perspective about life. I’ve realized that I have a lot of things to be grateful for.

How about you? What are you grateful for? Happy week ahead!


You are your own hero.

You are your own hero. Nobody can fully save you except for yourself. Christian-ly speaking, God has already saved us. So, this time, it’s really our responsibility to take care of ourselves.

You may have a lot of good friends, but at the end of the day, you decide what to do in life. Yes, your friends may say jokes, or may make you laugh, but it is still up to you whether you laugh or not.

You may have a supportive family. That means, they help you and cheer for you to achieve your dreams. However, if you do not help yourself, nothing really happens. It is really you who get to work first.

You may have close friends who’ll give you a lot of referrals, opinions, and suggestions, but if you do not act. Nothing really happens.

Most of the time, we are always alone.

Our thoughts linger in our head. Our plans are always in our mind. This alone time is actually an opportunity to look at the bigger picture. It isn’t lonely time. It is certainly a time when you can talk to yourself, dig deeper, and know what you really want without being influenced by some.

When you feel helpless, know that you have the power to change your perspective. You can turn your pain to power. You can change your lost to gains. May you find the power to save yourself, always.

Again, you are your own hero.

My 2021 Gratitude List

2021 has been a productive, struggling yet meaningful year for me. For 2021, my main goal is to finish my thesis. I should have aimed for graduating instead haha. Anyway, this meme sums up my year.

This meme is so accurate. On the contrary, I am aiming for graduation in 2022. God’s willing.

In my recent Facebook status, I have posted a gratitude list. This list includes the ‘accomplishments’ I have for this year. This post is not to brag but for me to look back to the struggles I faced in order to reach for my dreams.

My 2021 Gratitude List, everyone! 🙂

#1 I am thankful for the 15+ webinars I facilitated this year. Topics include teaching strategies, creativity, creative writing, and self-love. Grateful for the wisdom, Lord. This won’t happen without the presence of my friends who first believed in me.

#2 I am thankful for God’s providence for our house renovation. The renovation lasted for three months. Huhu. Biggest investment for 2021. This took so much of my savings yet I thank God that He provided what we needed.

#3 I am thankful that I was able to defend my thesis proposal! I am hoping to defend the manuscript next semester.

#4 Self-published my book Paghilom. This includes some merch like tote bag and stickers. I was able to open a Shopee account to sell my other books, too. I received 150+ orders on Shopee and I was able to sell 250 Paghilom books. 🙂

#5 I am also thankful for the outreach we conducted for my birthday. Instead of having a celebration, I decided to distribute packs of groceries to the needy.

#6 I am grateful to be sharing tithes to three different organizations. Thankful for all the side hustles that God has given me because through these blessings, I was able to share.

#7 Soft-launched a reading class with a number of students last summer. I also tutored a student from California. (This required me to wake up at 4:00 AM) Happy experience indeed!

#8 I was a part of Write Things Summer Writing Workshops. Blessed to share my inputs to the creative writing outputs of kids and teens. Looking forward to Summer 2022! 🙂

#9 Thankful for the first draft of my thesis manuscript!!! I am blessed with supportive thesis adviser and critic readers. Mabuti ang Diyos. 🙂 I remember Wattpad days (throwback 2012) when I only write just for fun. But look at yourself, Kim, you are already writing a serious manuscript.

#10 Survived two quarters for the school year in SPCP 2021-2022. Five months to go before the SY ends! 😃

Here is my humble WFH set up. I know it is messy but it’s my everyday reality. No shame. 😀

#11 Lastly, I was able to read more than 30+ books this year despite of procrastination and full schedule. Hoping to read more than this next year.

I am so shy to post these things but then, my friends told me that it is important to be grateful to the little and big accomplishments in life.

Sa totoo lang, bago ko lahat nagawa ito, andami ko ring sleepless nights, pag-aalinlangan, at gastos. Hahe. Mas marami rin akong struggles lalo na sa tuwing nagkakasakit si Lola pero syempre hindi siya nakikita ng tao sa social media. Hehe. Hindi rin posted yung 100x kaba ko before the proposal defense. Hindi rin halata yung 100x na doubts bago ako magpa-print ng sariling libro.

I am blessed because God gives me the strength to carry on. Hindi biro ang year na ito. Mentally and physically exhausting pero my family and I were able to manage in God’s grace.

Looking forward to Sablay next semester with no delays please. Manifesting!

How was your year? May you have a meaningful 2022, friends. Know that somebody out there is rooting for you and your success! Laban! Padayon!

Tyni (my shih tzu) and I are wishing you a blessed new year! God bless, friends!