I’m Kim! My day job requires me to teach. My passion pleads me to write.

As of 2021, I have published 12 books. 9 books under Lifebooks and 2 books are distributed by St. Paul’s Philippines (which are mostly Catholic-inclined). 1 self-published book, too. See Books.

I am into reading books, whether it’s indie, self-pub, or mainstream. Watching films, whenever blessed, is what I do to delve into deeper thoughts. I am an advocate of minimalism and financial literacy because of #adulting.

Serving God makes me fulfilled and contented about life. I lead Youth Ministry, facilitate Basic Bible Seminar Programs, read during Mass, and assist as Social Communications member. 

One word to describe myself: a storyteller. 

The purpose of this blog is to collate my thoughts and translate them into words. If you are still reading up to this part, please do know that you are one of the reasons why I write as well. Happy reading! I am open for collaborations. 


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