Believe or leave?

I live in a city where heavy traffic prevails. It the center where people in the neaby provinces pass by. Since college, I always endure how hassle traveling can be because of this scene every single day. Now that I am employed, everything gets worse. 

I do not know if they mean it when they schedule road repair in June. Classes has started and that’s the same period when they do all the renovations needed. Thus, there is always a series of traffic violation committed by the truck drivers who insist on passing this narrow road. 

This misfortune happens to me. I am a victim on how this traffic kills productivity. There was this time when I left home at 5:45. I allocated one hour as travel time. But then, since the road was occupied with big construction materials, vehicles were allowed to use one lane only. 

Since most of the tricycles I ride are stuck in the traffic, passengers are stuck in their terminal, too. There is a long line for passengers who do not have a choice but to wait. Imagine fifty people, standing in line, enduring how hard is it to live as a commuter. We have no choice but to wait.

As I wait, I realize that there are ways on how to react on this matter. It’s either to complain or to accept the fact. One can initiate plans on how this matter can be resolved. Some people can make themselves busy while waiting. Some of the passengers just talk with their friends. Some of them prefer to leave the terminal and look for another trip by any chance. Some may simply give up and beat the situation next day. I choose to wake up early the next day and adjust my schedule if necessary. 

The way these passengers wait is just like us when we pray. Sometimes, God doesn’t reply to us right away. He lets us wait. Maybe, he tests our patience, or sometimes our faith. He gives us situation that builds our character. Through waiting, our trust to God strengthens. The way we respond is certainly the manifestation of our faith. 

In waiting, we choose to believe or leave.

Have you prayed so hard yet received no response? 

How do you handle it? Do you believe or leave?
Yours in Faith,

Feeling unworthy?

If you have read my book, 13th Prayer, you’ll know that I have attempted to write a decent book. Compared to the previous titles of my first romance books, 13th Prayer is somehow different. When I finished the manuscript, I’ve submitted it for publication. My first signing is for this book and of course, because of the greatest Writer in our lives.

During our INSET program, my fellow teacher encouraged me to compile prayers specifically written for the youth. She told me that I could be of great help to some students who struggled in their faith. There were times that I ask myself whether I am worthy of writing a prayer book. A real prayer book with reflections and hardcore depth. A kind of book that could help youth in their prayer time. BUT, the case was, I didn’t have the confidence to do such thing.

How am I supposed to write a prayer book if I am filled with emptiness? How can I help the youth in their journey if I am lost as well? Loss of words, too.


When I shared this idea to my closest friend in writing 13th Prayer, he told me one simple thing, “Who else is worthy then?” His words of encouragement totally uplifted my disheartened soul. The following day, I started writing reflections about my daily activities. Then, I received uplifting feedbacks on how people were thankful enough that they were able to read my blog posts. I was so inspired to write more.

These words of encouragement heal my broken heartedness. I am amazed on how God works His ways for me. I am so glad that I am used as His instrument in sharing His word. After confession, I feel so free and motivated to share what I know. I have returned to my very main reason why I have taken up Malikhaing Pagsulat—it is really to share God’s Word.

You are always worthy of God’s love!

How about you? Were you in doubt lately? Do you feel unworthy of anything? Go back to where you started. Always bloom where you are planted.

Sharing God’s love, 


In darkness, there’s light

My last confession was two months ago. It was my way of preparing myself for Lent. But then, I wasn’t able to confess regularly. I became too busy preparing for our requirements for clearance. I exhausted all my strength in completing tons of paper works. When I say tons, it was really tremendous piles of documents needed to be filled out and submmited before the dealine. Not submitting this could lead us to poverty for the next two months.

Since I was probationary 2 that time, I didn’t have an income for the month of May. School’s policy, for your info. Thinking about this, I decided to find some ways on how to earn that time. I got myself involved in our school’s summer classes. I searched for freelance works. I even worked as an editor and proofreader for some of my writer-friends. My summer was filled with workloads. And of course, I thanked God for this opportunities.
However, because of those loads, I neglected some of my duties in our parish. I wasn’t able to attend our monthly meetings. I ignored some of our formations. I had attended Sunday Masses, but I did this just to compensate my guilt. There were series of Sunday activities in our parish but I didn’t help.

At first, it was nothing for me because I fully trusted my fellow youth ministers. I excused myself believing I must concentrate more on my due research paper. But, this was the thing I must regret doing. I excused myself because of these invalid reasons. I left Sunday meetings, and my regular confession. Fame and money were two most important things for me before.

Time came that I felt exhausted. I did feel total darkness. My heart stopped beating. I even asked myself if I was still happy.

Unfortunately, the things that made me busy didn’t make me joyful and satisfied. 

So, on one random day, I left our school early. I arrived home at 5:30 PM. I decided to attend Mass. It was a surprise, probably, for my spiritual directress, because that’s the only weekday that I attended Mass again. We talked. I shared my feelings, and reflections. She told me that I should find light in times of darkness. Even if there’s only little light, I should search for it.

The only thing that could help me find light is through confession. I brought myself back to Pasig Cathedral, had my confession, and rosary. I cried while praying to God, while asking for forgiveness.

Through confession, I am healed, renewed, and changed. 

It is a ten-minute activity that can change someone’s life. Hence, if you’re feeling in pain, doubt, and darkness, seek the light. Our sins lead us away from God, but confession pulls us back closer to Him. God is always present. He just waits for us. All you need is to seek Him.

May your life be filled with light, 


Live, Love, and Teach with a Purpose

Most students are back in the classroom. For us in St. Paul, classes resume on June 19. I thank God for having time to blog about the theme and topic I’ve been itching to share with you, guys: my work. I studied Education major in English back in college. Since my course of study is related to English, it was easy for me to get full-time, and even tons of part-time jobs. But, it never ends there.




I live by the quote “Live life with a purpose.” I totally adhere to this because our social purpose keeps our heart moving. As an educator, I have always had this goal of supporting the greatest advocacy in life — teaching. I’ve considered the English language as my forte; thus, teaching English is my life’s purpose. I’m lucky that I discovered this early. Some have taken time in knowing what their true passion is.

It was in the summer when I started to teach English online. I decided to teach English that time just to  make my vacation worthwhile. I had nothing else to do. So, I decided to teach ESL foreign students. Luckily, I got hired and experienced new working environment. However, after few weeks, I decided to quit for I did not see my purpose in just merely teaching them online. I was not motivated to teach because I only teach for a living, not as a passion.



I quit not because I was tired but because I did not see myself growing and doing a socially significant task. I felt like a robot that catered to the needs of human beings. This was the reason why I searched for another company that would cater my goals, purpose, and at the same time, my forte. That was the time I searched for another company and found Learntalk. They do almost the same thing as what my previous company did, but what makes them different is their contribution to building a nation.

In fact, recently, they had a training program that included the Jesuit Volunteer Philippines Foundation, Inc. (JVPFI). Last May 25, 2017, Learntalk gave teacher training about the use of  English in the classroom to these volunteers. This allowed the volunteers to be more knowledgeable about using English effectively in teaching.  Valery, Learntalk’s training manager, told the volunteers to keep their students engaged and interested.



This partnership allowed the Jesuits volunteers to learn  how to handle students using the Learntalk methodology and how to write lesson plans based on British Council standards. They were taught strategies in keeping their students engaged in discussion. Long and boring discussion was discouraged. Indeed, Learntalk’s mission, “English for everyone,” is true to all. As a teacher, I am amazed on how these people show concern and pay attention to the needs of the  nation. They continuously extend their services by communicating with the Uruguayan government so they could also provide English lessons to public schools.

How I wish I could do things such these. But now, I am still confined in the four corners of my classroom, still, teaching English to first graders. I am new to teaching to little kids. Hence, it is really something challenging, but something that I look forward to. Currently, my partner and I are in the process of finishing our materials for the entire school year. By the way, I am also on the process of planning a unique design for my classroom. Do you have any suggestions?


Sun Shorts’ Hugot for Filipinos’ Financial Freedom

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for films, most especially romance-comedy and hardcore tearjerkers. I enjoyed watching Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa and Mula sa Buwan. These repeatedly break my heart. That’s why after watching Sun Life’s Shorts, I am in great awe and despair at the same time. Emotions are really full of ups and downs.


I was lucky to be part of the official launching of the three Sun Life’s Shorts. These short films showed stories about life, heartbreaks, and even about a love that lasts.
Sun Life Philippines has declared that June will be the Financial Independence Month. It’s their fourth year, by the way. In 2017, they aim to educate Filipinos to secure their future. They are doing this because they believe that it is a must that every Filipino should know how should manage their assets. Based on their research, most of the Filipinos struggle financially. Hence, they have given options that could help them to be financially free.

I personally agree how Sun Life reaches out through this kind of financial education. Not all Filipinos are aware of this. Whenever I share this topic to my friends, they immediately change the topic.



There are three short films that are presented during the launch. Waves, She said, she said, and Sayaw. I personally like Sayaw. This was directed by Mihk Vergara.This film speaks about how two lovers endure the challenge of their lasting love. They have gone through hardships and bad times. Then, when something happens, they know that they are in good hands. I cried after watching this. 😦

Do you know that watching, sharing, and tagging a friend after watching this gives you a chance to win trip to  Tokyo? 🙂 Anyway, here’s more!

She said, she said

She said, she said, directed by Nik Reyes, is a story about a single mom and her child. Basically, the mom has her own POV that describes the way she think about her daughter. Her daughter has her own POV that made the audience cry after hearing her side. I swear you should watch this if you can relate to this kind of scene.



Lastly, Waves by Zig Marasigan is a film that includes a surfer and a city girl. They have met in the beach, got acquainted, fell in love, and finally planned their future. They have faced some problems that a typical couple encounters. This is relatable to those people who travel often and who try to find themselves more. I also like this film because it is a glimpse of what millennials experience in a relationship. I cried after watching this film. If you want to know why I cried, you better watch it, too.


Real Reactions

What makes the launch complete is the set of artists who gave their reaction after watching each film. (I cried, too, btw!)

Matteo was there! He reacted on Waves. In that short chats, they talked about how insurance could also cover the partners. Judy Ann reacted on the film, She said, she said. She looked touched on how the film reflected a mother-daughter relationship. I also found out, through that videos, that income could be invested to mutual funds. Lastly, Piolo Pascual gave his reaction on the film Sayaw. It’s good how life insurance could also cover the expenses caused by critical illnesses. This included hospitalization and some therapies.



My takeaways from this event is valuing how life insurance enable us to protect the relationships that truly matter to us. Sometimes, we regret this because it does seem needed. But, I can clearly remember how my adviser told me that the best time to get an insurance is when you do not need it.

I also admire how Sun Life gives options to Filipinos towards financial freedom. In fact, they offer free seminars this month of June. I also want to emphasize how Sun Life commits itself as a partner for Filipinos who continue to dream for their loved ones. The way they reach out to us, millennials, must be something meaningful and worthwhile.

So, my advice, friends, readers, and fellow bloggers…

Spend your money wisely. You’ll never know what lies ahead.


Time Check.

Earlier this morning, I was rushing from the gate towards the bio-metrics device of our school. I was late. I wanted to run but my new doll shoes made my feet sore. I couldn’t find my will to run because there’s no more reason to run and rush after the time. I should be logged in at 7:00 am but it was already 6:55 when I got off from the UV Express. I believed that I was totally late.

The typical scenario every 6:55 am were employees running as well. I didn’t run. But, when I logged in, it was only 7:01 am. Just in time, I guess, before everything got worst. We had five minutes grace period just to deal with any kinds of mishaps that our travel could give. Those who ran was in time. I didn’t run, but I still made it.

When I finally logged in, I learned a lesson about chasing. We’ve been searching and chasing for lots of opportunities in life. We always sought after the things that we think we needed. But then, there were times that all we need was to trust the process. In may case, I needed to stay calm, and not to rush. I could not do the things that other people can. I was somehow in pain so I couldn’t walk fast.

But then, at the end of the day, we really don’t have hold of everything. We may keep on running. but, if we don’t have the faith to God, everything won’t be nothing. Moreover, we have our own timeline. Others may succeed at an earlier stage in their life. Some may get theirs late. You?

The moment that you are waiting for will come at the right time.

The moment that you are waiting for will come at the right time. You will find yours someday. As you wait, do not forget to act on it. Trust the process. Enjoy the chase? Do not forget to pray. Remember Jeremiah 29:11. We may have plans, but the Lord has a plan for you, too.

Have you ever been late? What are your thoughts about it?




How Millennials Should Spend Their Salary

You’ve gone this far.

When I was a college student, I had a hard time fulfilling my innermost dreams to buy the things that I want. I couldn’t afford that much because my budget was restricted to buying my needs only. I could hard imagine how pitiful I was before because I wasn’t able to catch up with my friends with our youthful needs. So, I started to plan that once I started to work, I should be able to buy the things that I want. But then, this was a wrong aspiration, though.

For most students, graduation is over. You may be working in your first job. Right now, you might be anticipating on your first salary. You might be thinking on going out with your friends, treating your family and former classmates, or maybe, giving it wholly to your parents. Nothing’s totally wrong with these. But, if you wish to survive for the next fifteen days of your life, then, you should know the formula on how to spend your salary, especially your first.

Do not spend everything without thinking.

I wish I’ve known this before. But then, I want to share how this formula can change the way you perceive your income.

Formula 70-20-10

Have you ever heard of this formula? This describes how you are encouraged to allocate your fund as well. Yes, I know how you work hard for that. I know you are looking for your next life goals with what you have. Maybe, you are now planning for the next travel goals. But, before you do that, make sure to finalize your budget.

The technique

20% should proceed to your savings. This must be taken away from your salary so that you have something to save.

70% of your income goes to all your expenses. This includes your bills, transportation, meals, and other needs. Take note, needs.

10% must be your contribution to some charitable works. For some, this serves as donation. Some gives this as their tithing.

Let’s take this example.

If you are earning 10,000 in a month. Then, save 2000 right away. 1000 must be shared or donated to your church. (For me, this serves as my tithes.) 7000 must be allocated for all your spending needs.

You can do this if you can only prevent yourself from going to the mall every akinse and katapusan. Keep yourself away from temptations so you can plan about this.

Your savings surely keeps you secured. This may sound ideal, but for fresh grads who just got their first work, this is highly recommendable. Nobody knows what will happen in the near future.

There are lots of investments that you can do in your 20’s. Do you wish to learn what these are? Hehe. I am still planning to make a draft for this.

What are your thoughts? How do you usually spend your salary?


Your friend,