Creatives, watch Monty Python’s SPAMALOT!

Creatives, watch Monty Python’s Spamalot in April! Yes, it’s an imperative, and here’s why.

I’m a fan of historical films, most especially, those that dwell on wars. I’m more of Eastern classics lately. Now, I want to try the classics from the other side of the world. (They’re many, but I’ll try to familiarize myself with some.)

Luckily, I got a rare chance to participate in the press con of Monty Python’s Spamalot. I don’t know, but I am on cloud nine upon reading this invite! Of course, it’s musical and a parody, with a touch of history. Gahd. Who wouldn’t love it!

In fact, I’ve watched several musicals before, like Mula sa Buwan and Improv Fest. Some musical plays were held in our school, too. I did support some of my friends who are theater actors.

Basic Poster.jpg

On April, I will be watching Monty Python’s Spamalot. I think, it is not the usual retelling of the traditional version of a legend. Instead, it features out-of-the-box lines, choreo, and even plots. Characters seem so interesting to watch, too. All creatives must consider watching this. I’ve read some reviews, and my curiosity is now killing me.

For now, reserve your tickets because they are limited! This runs from April 13-22, 2018. Text 09178116156 or e-mail for more information.

I’ll let you know what I think about this musical play soon. 🙂



Napapagod pero Lumalaban



“Life is a thankless job,” sabi ni Job. #Hopeless siguro ang kalagayan ni Job noon. Kung nasa millennial world siya, siguro isa siya sa mga kabataang nagkakaroon ng issues sa buhay. Isa siya sa mga pagod na, at wala nang makitang dahilan para magpatuloy sa buhay. Tao lang rin naman si Job. Lumalaban, nabubuhay, pero minsan na ring napagod. Naranasan mon a rin bang malungkot nang ganito?

Samantala, sa second reading naman, #NapapagodPeroLumalaban naman ang hastag ni Paul sa buhay niya. He takes pride in serving God. He definitely takes the challenge of being servant-leader. Sabi niya nga, “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel.” Loser siguro ang tingin niya sa sarili niya kung hindi niya i-pi-preach ang Gospel. Napagdaanan niya na ang pagod, pero #PatuloynaLalaban.

Ang uplifting rin ng Salmong Tugunan. “God heals the brokenhearted.” May iba’t ibang version pa ng translation. Minsan, God loves the brokenhearted sa ibang translation. Very #relevant ito sa nararamdaman ni Job, na feeling brokenhearted at kay Paul na feeling determined. We all need God who heals our brokenheart! (Hugot pa more.)

Pero what I love most is our Gospel today. Ang tatag ng message. Ito ‘yung message ni Lord para sa mga taong #Hopeless pero #NapapagodperoLumalaban. Ipinagpatuloy niya ang kanyang pagpapagaling sa mga may sakit. Hindi lang ‘yan. May wider perspective pa siya at plano na hindi mag-settle sa comfort zone. Gumigising pa siya ng madaling araw para sa kanyang ministry. Tunay ngang masarap maglingkod bagamat nakakapagod! Patuloy na hinahanap ng Diyos ang mga taong nangangailangan ng awa at biyaya niya.

Inaanyayahan tayo ni Hesus na mag-reach out para sa mga hindi na naaalala ng lipunan. Pinapaalalahanan tayo ng ebanghelyo na magbigay ng ating sarili sa mga nangangailangan, lalo pa sa mga lugar na nasa labas ng ating comfort zone. Darating ‘yung time na #hopeless tayo pero let us be reminded na #Lumaban sa panahon ng pagod, kagipitan.

Maging #hopeful tayo sa lahat ng bagay dahil kapag inuna mo ang Diyos, hindi ka mapag-iiwanan.

It’s okay not to be okay.

It’s okay not to be okay.

If kids tell you “Ang ganda mo,” you’ll believe it because it’s from a child.  But, when this compliment is from a friend, you might even doubt this statement. Hey, this is how outspoken a child could be!

Being with kids exposes me to random questions, frequent storytelling, and endless sobbing. As an elementary teacher, I always meet kids with different personalities. Some are active, some are passive. Some are storytellers, and some choose to write. Most of them have their own story to tell. They never stop sharing their lives at home. I even heard a story about my student and her turtle.

Every day, they share their thoughts and their emotions without holding back. They always, always, always, say what they really mean. I guess this is the reason why we, adults, believe that children never lie.

Kids are surely true to their feelings and emotions. They cry, laugh, and get mad. All these emotions are shown through tantrums, smiles, and laughs. You see, after these extreme emotions, they’ll be in their normal disposition.

Sometimes, we, as an adult, tend to be honest with our feelings and our emotions, too. We hold back. We think about how people could think about the way we react, speak, and write. We always assume the people around us have something to say. We are afraid to be judged, hence, we hide our emotions.

In the gospel today, it clearly shows how we are encouraged to be child-like to enter the kingdom of God. In this world full of pressure, stress, and arising problems, we, adults, are encouraged to be real with how we feel. There’s nothing wrong about crying. Cry if you must, but step up and act. When was the last time you laughed? Laugh out loud. Never be afraid of others’ judgment. Are you mad? Be mad! But, never fill your heart with hatred, and anger. Always be true to what you really feel. Acknowledge them. Ignoring these feelings may lead you to burn out.

It’s okay not to be okay. No worries!

May we all be child-like as we enter the kingdom of God. Let’s acknowledge our limitations to overcome them. After all, sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay.

God loves you! (and so we do!)

2017: A Year of Possibilities

2017 is over. We are all heading to an exciting 2018. But, before I finally let go of this year, I’d like to write a recap of what 2017 has brought me. In terms of professional development, 2017 has brought me opportunities to learn and experience new stuff. Also, I love how this year taught me to let go of the past and move on to the present.


I started my graduate studies in January 2017. It was never easy. The application process entailed numerous steps and it was definitely brain-cracking. All my courageous brain cells actually worked and helped me finish my application. Other than that, I had my new haircut this year! YIH. It was above my shoulder.  I was also appointed (again) as vice-coordinator in our Parish Youth Ministry.


I took the challenge of studying in a prestigious university, fully. It was difficult to adjust mentally, but with my good friends from the field, it became easy. Also, I continued serving in the parish as Biblical Apostolate. We conducted our monthly bible seminars. I also had a chance to have a pilgrimage around the Marian churches in Manila with the SPC sisters.


March was a month of farewells. I bid goodbye to my fourth graders. I bid goodbye to my friend who went to Japan. I also bid goodbye to all my foolish acts as a mere human being. On the other hand, I attended some seminars about Bible with our spiritual directress in Youth. There were no big deals in March because I was so busy in school, doing grades, and submitting huge files of documents. There was no vacation, too.


April 12 is Paano Mag-move on’s birthday! ❤ I would never forget this day because PMMO is my favorite so far. It is my first non-fiction book that is why I am beyond grateful for publishing it.

April was Holy Week season. It was tiring for we had lots of activities in the parish. We conducted Pilgrimage, Senakulo, and the usual Eucharistic celebration. I guess, this month taught me how to handle a Creative Writing class, too.


There’s so much to say about May. I’d start with the very important which was my nomination application for Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards. I nominated my two books for this award-giving body. (I know, it didn’t actually win, but that’s OK.) Then, to be able to do it, I raised funds through selling my book for a higher price. I sold Paano Mag-move on and 13th Prayer for 500php because I was raising fund back then. This experience taught me lots of things. It made me aware that there were friends who’d actually help me in times of challenges. I could have raised fund myself, but, I wouldn’t learn that there were good things waiting for those who persevere.

May was also a month for a new experience. I got to teach Creative Writing to Grade School students. It was the school’s summer enrichment program. I was able to teach them to write a script and produce a play with it. It was totally an awesome experience.

May was also a plot twist for me. I was tasked to teach First Grader this year. Basically, I had to teach GRADE ONE students for ten months. Could you imagine how tiring is that? It was a challenge that I never expected to accomplish. As of this writing, there are only three months left before I finally say goodbye to my little cute students.

Lastly, MAY is a monthe for quick escapes, sudden seminars and events, and finally, an unforgettable adventure.


June was never easy. I started teaching first grader this month. I just found it hard to adjust because I used to teach higher levels before. I accepted this job, hoping that everything’s gonna get better soon. June was the month for promotion, self-exploration, and discovering more about life.


July 1 was RELENTLESS. This seminar/praise night/worship event was organized by The Lord’s Flock. It happened in Araneta Center Cubao, it was free so my co-youths enjoyed this event! Also, JULY is for Hugot ng Bitter! Lifebooks published this book in July. July is also a month for a new experience, new colleagues, and some coffee breaks.


August was my second sem in UP. Also, there’s so much preparation for the 25th year anniversary of our parish. We had so many meetings and activities that’s why I was so busy. Everyone was busy, too. I also went to Bicol for our pilgrimage. It was my only trip for the year.


September has become a special month for me (aside from October.) It was surely amazing because our first ever fun run was organized this month. It was tiring, brain-cracking and exciting. Aside from Fun Run, we also had a medical mission and play.

This was also the month for Manila Internation Book Fair 2017 were Kerygma Books published Didache for the Youth in which one of my reflections was included.

My first seminar about writing was also made possible this month. It was attended by high school students of St. Jude Catholic College.


This is my birth month. Preparation for Bukas Palad Concert was also done in this time. We had our Pasiglahan in school and some quick escapades again in Tanay, Rizal and Laguna. My birthday celebration was short yet sweet.


I would never forget November 11 because this was for our Bukas Palad concent. Also, it was the month when we went to Little Baguio for a short trip. I also bought my new camera this month! It was fruit of hardwork and labor (and love, of course). I met new friends and colleagues who were the same wavelength with me.


December was for new experiences and outreach. It was a month for retreat and reflection. I’ve learned a lot from our grad school which was over in December. We also had our last workshop for Social Communication. This was about Calligraphy. It was my first time to shoot a video for our bishop in the diocese, too. It was a learning experience! Our Christmas Play also occurred at this month. Everything was surreal. I could never imagine myself doing it alone. Thanks to those who helped! Christmas break was really about catching up, coffee breaks, and meeting our previous colleagues and classmates.


To sum up 2017.

I usually end my year with some finished manuscripts. However, I didn’t get to finish a manuscript. It think this was because of such busy schedule in graduate school. This time, I will be cool in completing these things. Also, I got to finish an antholgy and a manuscript. I believe, I should be grateful with those things. Maybe, it’s not publish-able but I believe, it’s worth reading enough. Hehe!

I am ready for you, 2018. 🙂



How I Do My Daily Catholic Devotion

When I was in college, my classmates used to ask me, “Are you really Catholic? I’ve never seen an active Catholic before.” (By active, they meant active participation in the parish aside from attending the Mass every Sunday.) I smiled because this had been one of the misconceptions about Catholic Youth.

There’s no wrong in attending the Mass but…

When asked about their religion, most of the young ones will answer that they are Catholic. But, most of them are not practicing their faith. They attend the Eucharistic Celebration or Holy Mass every Sunday. That’s it. But, joining the events in the parish, consistent Bible reading, active evangelization, and parish-based activities are not in their mind. Some are not aware of it and some ignore it. But, aside from these activities, what is more important is building an authentic personal relationship with God even outside the church.
I currently belong to Evangelization as Biblical Apostolate, and Youth Ministry, as vice-coordinator. I also serve in the diocese through Social Communications. I have extended my service through writing books for the youth under St. Paul’s Publications. I help our parish with some fundraising events, too!

It does not end here.

But, you know what, my purpose in the parish does not end with activities. Through these, God teaches me to even serve more. All of us never get tired in serving, and that’s the work of the Holy Spirit. We are not that perfect, but we strive to be worthy of being called God’s servant. But we do not stop with these.
So, what’s my point? Through these activities, I’ve found time to do my own devotion. (A personal relationship, some say.)

Here’s my daily Catholic devotion.

I start with the sign of the cross and head straight to my study table. There, I pray and open the most special books in my life. Bible, Bible Diary, Didache Youth, and Straight from the Heart.

These books are so helpful for young Catholics. I am almost finished reading the New Testament in the Bible. I highlight the most striking verses or write them in my journal. (I did this when I was still a student. I had plenty of time before. L) But, aside from journaling, reading these devotionals are helpful. Here’s how I do it.

First, I open up my Bible Diary. For 2017, I am reading 365 Days with the Lord of St. Paul’s. For 2018, our Spiritual Directress has given me Bible Diary published by Claret. It’s available in National Bookstore. After checking the daily bible reading, psalm, and the gospel, I proceed in reading some notes from Didache Youth. This is published by Kerygma Books. It’s also available in NBS. Then, I read my morning prayers through Straight from the Heart. This is published by St. Paul’s. It usually takes me 5-10 minutes to do everything. I guess you can also find time for this morning routine.

It is never too late to start your devotion!

Catholic Faith always reminds us to build a personal relationship with the Lord. It encourages us to be closer to Him through untiringly serving in the parish, and not just by attending the Mass every Sunday. It’s never too late to serve in your parish. It’s the right time to inquire and to take part in these life-changing activities.
Do you have your own morning devotion? How do you do it? Share your thoughts. 🙂

Yours in Christ,

Budget Day Trip in Tagaytay City

Tagaytay is known for its cool and welcoming weather, Taal Lake, and Bulalo. It’s a popular destination for sudden road trips. For people who wish to be alone and to meditate, it is a place for them. But, do you know that you can fully experience Tagaytay on a budget? In less than a day, you can experience what this place has to offer by simply following this Budget Day Trip in Tagaytay itinerary.

We were riding a single motor when we did this trip. We left our home at 6:00am. But, if you are coming from EDSA, simply ride buses heading to Tagaytay. There’s one from Cubao or Crossing. I think it’s not more than two hundred pesos.

There are five major activities that you can do here within your budget.

1. View Taal Lake while dining in McDonald’s. This is the first place we’ve visited when we reached Tagaytay Proper. It is the usual fast food chain that we all know. But, what makes this branch cooler is its Taal Lake view. For as low as 29 pesos, you can see Taal Lake without spending too much. However, to avoid crowds, dine there before lunch, or after a meal. This surely gives you better view of the lake. In our case, we still enjoyed the food. However, it is really hard to wait for the order.



2. Be artsy while sipping Frappe in Dreamland Cafe. It is less than a minute walk from McDonald’s. It’s across the road when you are from Mcdo. You can easily recognize Dreamland Cafe because of its aesthetics and unique designs. You’ll see lots of dream catchers and such artsy stuff. You will enjoy sipping a frappe while playing board games for free! You just need to present an ID before you borrow. I love how the lights and ventilation jive to give this place a cooler ambiance. I rate this cafe 10/10.


3. Pray in Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Sometimes, all we need is silence. Offer prayers in their simple parish. Take pictures, too. It surely relaxes your tired souls and mind.


4. Take Photos in Tagaytay’s Palace in the Sky. Its feels is so surreal. You’ll be captivated on how the view can take your breath away. Let the wind hug and embrace you. Also, try bringing special someone with you. I think it’s perfect place for sweet moments. 😀

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed

5. Sip Bulalo Soup along Tagaytay Road. 

Who would not like bulalo? Of course, this certainly completes the day. Bulalo usually ranges from 200-350, depending to where you’ll buy it. There are simple carinderias along the way. This is way cheaper than the high-end restaurants, too.


You can also visit Sky Ranch in Tagaytay before you have your hot bulalo soup. This can be easily found even if you are commuting. Jeepney is their primary mode of transportation. Just approach the barkers to know how to reach your destination.

Where to go in Tagaytay? Mcdonald’s for Taal Lake View, Dreamland Cafe, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Sky Ranch, People’s Park in the Sky, and Bulaluhan.

How to go in Tagaytay? If you are coming from Crossing, Cubao, and Pasay, buses are just here going straight to Tagaytay. From there, just tell the bus driver where you need to go.

Enjoy your Tagaytay trip!


Kick-start your day with morning devotion

What comes into your mind when you hear the word devotion? For some, devotion seems so boring, time-consuming, and so religious. Some people find it tedious to include in their routine. They rather scan their social media accounts rather than to open an actual book and to meditate in silence.

I was one of those people who thought that devotion was a waste of time. But after engaging myself to reading daily gospels and reflections every morning, my life had changed. It brought me positive vibes and relaxing aura before I do tons of jobs.

I actually bought a devotional when I was in college. I was third year back then when I picked Didache 2012 for no reason at all. I just scanned its pages, read some reflections, and finally, got myself a copy. I wasn’t familiar how to read devotionals. I just read the entire reflections the whole day.

It was March 2015 when I was passing through St. Paul’s stores. I saw their 365 Days with the Lord. It’s on SALE! 100PHP! I bought it, placed it on my desk in school, and tried to read it before I do other things.

This routine continued. For two weeks, for a month, and finally for a year.

I can say that my life has changed because I am happier before I have my classes. I feel the positive aura before starting my day. The silence in our office and the words from my devotionals surely make me feel positive every single day.

I have learned how to deal with my issues and problems lightly. I have learned how to be more patient, understanding, and relaxed before I react. Kalma na ako, bes.

Reading the gospel, reflecting with devotional, and praying in silence allow me to feel God’s presence. 

It’s like embracing God’s words before I start my day. Devotion every morning is your breakfast for your soul and spiritual life. Without it, our life isn’t complete.

This coming 2018, Kerygma books offer devotionals to all walks of life. For youth, I suggest you read Didache Youth 2018. This will be available in MIBF 2017. You can pre-order for only 100 here. Also, I contributed some reflections here. Hehe! Maybe, buying this is also supporting your beloved friend, Kim. 🙂


Have you tried reading the bible every day? If yes, how did it change you life? If not, what stops you from morning devotion?


Praying for you,