Dekada ’70 Musical Play Adaptation

Dekada ’70 has been one of the historical feats in Philippine Literature. Written by Ms. Lualhati Bautista, this novel has depicted realities during Martial Law. These realities, I believe is still applicable until now.

When my friend and I saw a poster of this play, we immediately booked a weekend to watch it. We chose the Gold Seat which costs 3,300.

Dekada ’70 Ticket

A short review for Dekada ’70 Musical

It is superb. I loved the simplicity of the stage. Since we were very close to the characters! There was even a scene where the two main character were just right in front of us. The stage added power to the message of this play.

Dekada ’70 Stage

I loved how the songs were written and arranged creatively. It was heartwarming to hear the strong point that these songs want to convey. We even sang it on our way home and while eating our dinner. The songs itself were call to action.

Of course, nothing beats the prowess of the characters. They are all outstanding!

Wala na akong ibang masabi kundi sobrang ganda at linis ng pagkakagawa ng pagtatanghal. Sulit po ang bayad, at sana masundan pa ang ganitong ganap! 🙂

Some of the characters. Shoutout to Juls! JULS YOU ARE SO GWAPO!!!

The Write Things 2019

After actively participating in National Youth Day in Cebu, I confronted myself to rest and to be more passive in life. I kept on reminding myself to be more relaxed and stress-free on the next half of 2019.

However, life has its own twists and turns. The next day after National Youth Day, Teacher Roel of Write Things sent me an invitation to be one of their facilitators. I did not reply right away. I mean, I just stared at his message for a long time. After reading his message, I contemplated about life in general. I doubted my capabilities.

I know, I just had (still have) trust issues even with myself. I never thought of joining that two-week writing workshop with kids and teens because I am too shy. With some advice of my closest friends, I finally said NO to his offer. But, he refused my NO. He only said that he only accepts my YES. I had no intentions of being a facilitator. But still, I said YES anyway (after questioning myself for the last time).

Before I started being the facilitator, I prayed for the wisdom and knowledge. I couldn’t do it without God’s help. Hey. Thank God, it turned out really great! (Well, great is just an underestimation).

This is me, explaining how fun creative writing is! 🙂
Teacher Roel doing an orientation to our students.
Teacher Neni welcoming our dearest young writers!
Dr. Gemino Abad, UP professor, Palanca Awardee, & our guest author.
Ms. Mina V. Esguerra, founder of #romanceclass, and our guest author.
Our youngest writer! She’s only 7 years old.
Some materials for our zine-making activity.
Write Things Teen Class of 2019
Write Things Kids Class of 2019

I really am grateful for what happened for these two weeks. I mean, I couldn’t contain my joy and happiness. That YES is really a great experience. I am able to share my insights about creative writing and guide my students finish their book.

How was your summer, folks? 🙂

Kreatib Hub + Cafe in Antipolo City

Few months ago, I posted a blog about a budget trip in Antipolo City because I will never get bored of what this city can offer. Yesterday, Sunday, my friend and I explored it one more time to see the newest attraction.

We visited a newly opened coffee shop in Antipolo City. It is Kreatib Hub + Cafe.


It is one tricycle away from Antipolo Cathedral, Pinto Art Museum, or Shopwise in Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City. It is in the second floor on the building facing Caltex.

Creative Hub and Cafe Indeed.

Upon entering, I’ve noticed all the fancy and artsy stuff that they are selling. They are living the name of their shop. It is indeed a hub for creative people. There are different stuff that you can buy, from artsy stuff to trendy clothes.


There is a huge space for dining. The food in their menu is affordable. They offer hot or iced coffee, frappes, ensaymada of different flavors, Baked Mac as their only pasta in their menu, and green tea.


Recommended? YES!

Some group of artists gather and meet in thus hub to pursue their endeavor related to art. Some use this hub for their workshops. You can even rent the whole cafe if you need to. Also, they do have a space for board games, and painting/drawing/coloring.

This cafe is also good for freelancers. They offer plug, and wifi connection. They also have washroom. The price is quite affordable. You can prepare 250php for a quick merienda here.


Do you have other recommendations? Let me know.