The Write Things 2019

After actively participating in National Youth Day in Cebu, I confronted myself to rest and to be more passive in life. I kept on reminding myself to be more relaxed and stress-free on the next half of 2019.

However, life has its own twists and turns. The next day after National Youth Day, Teacher Roel of Write Things sent me an invitation to be one of their facilitators. I did not reply right away. I mean, I just stared at his message for a long time. After reading his message, I contemplated about life in general. I doubted my capabilities.

I know, I just had (still have) trust issues even with myself. I never thought of joining that two-week writing workshop with kids and teens because I am too shy. With some advice of my closest friends, I finally said NO to his offer. But, he refused my NO. He only said that he only accepts my YES. I had no intentions of being a facilitator. But still, I said YES anyway (after questioning myself for the last time).

Before I started being the facilitator, I prayed for the wisdom and knowledge. I couldn’t do it without God’s help. Hey. Thank God, it turned out really great! (Well, great is just an underestimation).

This is me, explaining how fun creative writing is! 🙂
Teacher Roel doing an orientation to our students.
Teacher Neni welcoming our dearest young writers!
Dr. Gemino Abad, UP professor, Palanca Awardee, & our guest author.
Ms. Mina V. Esguerra, founder of #romanceclass, and our guest author.
Our youngest writer! She’s only 7 years old.
Some materials for our zine-making activity.
Write Things Teen Class of 2019
Write Things Kids Class of 2019

I really am grateful for what happened for these two weeks. I mean, I couldn’t contain my joy and happiness. That YES is really a great experience. I am able to share my insights about creative writing and guide my students finish their book.

How was your summer, folks? 🙂


How I came up with Paano Mag-move on

When my editor first called me, his first question was, “Kim, paano mag-move on?” Of course, I startled. The question was so corny. But as he spoke, he explained that their creative team decided to publish that manuscript as well.

Paano Mag-move on is my first non-fictional book published under St. Paul’s. It is filled with chapters named after the most frequently asked questions of the youth about love. I’ve never thought about the publication of this book. It just happened.

I started editing the manuscript, submitted it in October, revised it again in December, and finalized the cover, layout, and pictures inside it in January. We assumed to release the book by February just in time for Valentine’s Day. But, it didn’t happened.

The release of the book was delayed. It wasn’t released in March, but April. When I got my proof copies, something went wrong. So, I had to wait for more weeks to settle things up. FINALLY, after several weeks, the final-est book was released in the market.

I sold some copies to my friends, and they all welcomed the book. Then, I courageously asked my publisher if this could be one of their nominees for the Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards. It’s an award for books published under Catholic publishers. There’s new category, btw, and it is about Youth. But, there’s a registration fee worth P3,000. I had to enlist 13th Prayer and Paano Mag-move on, so I needed 6,000. Where on earth would I get that? Since my publisher wouldn’t support my entry, I had to do something.


Shamelessly, I sold copies of my two books 13th Prayer and Paano Mag-move on for 500 pesos for each set. (Ang kapal lang no?) I even posted this on Facebook to seek help from my friends who could be so blessed and wanted to share their blessings.

Overnight, I receive messages asking how could they support my endeavor. Huhuhu. I am so surprise seeing messages from people whom I’ve thought would never care. They do and they are so supportive about this.

With the divine providence, I  was able to raise funds just in time. (Lord, you know how thankful I am for these blessings.) I was so surprised knowing how many people actually cared and supported me.

Then, after the nomination, I proceeded in promoting my books. But then, I didn’t promote books to make money out of it, but to spread the words in this book. This contain life-changing reflections which I believe help the younger people/reader to learn how to address their issues in life.

The pictures above are just some comments from my readers who bought the book. 🙂

The experience is indeed overwhelming. I am able to meet new friends, to reconcile with the older ones, and to explore life outside my comfort zone. I keep on posting and sharing it because writing Paano mag-move on has become my ministry as well. I believe that I am able to serve God through writing this and serve the youth by reminding them how God loves them.

I just want to thank the people behind the precious cover and layout of this book. Ms. Dani for the cover, Ms. Jhuly-Ann for the drawings inside, and Ms. Nikki for the lettering of the book. You, guys, are so awesome. If you wish to work with them, just tell me. 🙂

As of now, I am still waiting for the results. Whether it is favorable or not, I believe that God has a plan for it. Hehe!

Now, the question is, have you moved on? 🙂 



If I Stay & Where She Went Book Review

Gayle Forman’s novels If I Stay and Where She Went described the two sides occurred in a love story—that not all hero and heroines can easily had their happy ending. These novels comprised of two remarkable characters who were able to prove that love wasn’t just a word but it’s an everlasting faith between two individuals.

The first book, If I Stay, made me wonder what the story was all about. The way how Mia described her situation after the accident had the touch of her innocence. Moreover, it also tackled how teenagers sees life in their own perspective. The timeline was not too slow for me. In fact, it made me turn each page curiously. Lessons about life were discussed. It gave me a complete definition that the Mia’s life didn’t only surround with Adam—it actually surrounded his family and friends.

The sequel, Where She Went, used Adam’s point of view. The masculine narration of the novel convinced me that the writer was able to perfectly used this kind of POV. I was sure that I’d fallen in love with Adam and everything about him—his personality, his charm, and of course, his talent, singing. He’s my number one rock star. The lines he wrote struck me. All of the lines from the novel were perfectly written. Genius was the author for writing these romantic and meaningful lines. The meaning behind the song complemented every chapter. I adored the name of the album, Collateral Damage, and all of its songs. I wished that these songs would had its own tune.

I am looking forward to If I Stay movie adaptation. The novel’s unique twists and climax make me more excited than I used to. Hence, I wish that the producers will give justice to its movie.

My favorite line from the book Where She Went is:

Letting go. Everyone talks about it like it’s the easiest thing. 




Sir, You’re Hot Plot

Kilala bilang matapang, maangas, at palabang estudyante si Rebecca Marie Canlas. Lahat na yata ng teacher sa school nila ay nakaaway niya dahil sa kanyang ugali. Subalit sa lahat ng mga ito, isa lang ang namumukod tangi — si Railey Medrana.

Si Sir Railey lang ang teacher na nakakapagpakilig sa buong college nila nang walang effort. Gwapo, matalino at matipuno, crush siya ng lahat ng babaeng estudyante sa campus at pinagnanasahan pa siya ng ilan sa mga ito. Subalit, may isang bukod tanging hindi tinatablan ng kanyang charisma…ang maangas na si Rebecca.

Rebecca will catch Railey’s attention because she’s different from the rest. Subalit isipin man niyang hindi siya attracted sa gwapong professor, iba naman ang sinasabi ng kanyang puso.

This story comes with a riot. Beware.




The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks (Review)


This book is filled with extraordinary mystery! Each page is composed of elements which make me go over the next pages. I have to admit that it took me few days to finish this book because I chose to read every chapter at the most perfect time and place. Moreover, this book has really made me flip the next pages; it even made me skip some words just because of excitement.

You always have a choice. It’s just that some people make the wrong one.

It was funny how you could know someone for years but will discover something you never noticed before.

Nicholas Sparks has made his book really great. It is filled with theme that is not usually done. Oh, btw, the word “great” is not enough to describe the thrill this book gave me. Honestly, I didn’t let myself to read this during nights. You know, the mystery effect is just there. And I have to admit, I’m kinda coward when it comes to that. Thumbs up for this book. Thumbs up for me, too. 🙂