Fear is normal.

Fear is Normal.

While talking to lola about a decision that I am about to take (or maybe not), I realize that fear is normal. Existing in this challenging world could trigger fear. Comprehensive examinations, research papers, and oral presentations are also fearful.  Going out of your comfort zone could be fearful. Everything could be fearful! Shookt. Even, love? Haha.

If there’s an important thing to remember about these things, it’s this: Fear is based on your perspective.

Fear, when taken positively, becomes a challenge.

Fear, when taken negatively, becomes a threat.

Fear, when consumed, stops you from learning.

Fear, once ruled your life, prevents you from growing.

Fear could take away important learning that you could ever have. Not going out because it might rain may stop you from being productive. Not chasing your dream job could also let you get stuck to a mediocre life. Not following your passion may take away a part of your life. There’s a lot to lose when you let fear rule over your life.

Still, fear is a sign of being mindful about the possibilities that could happen. It could be a warning or a soft reminder before making decisions. It could always give you more options to choose from. Fear can only mean that you are a normal human being—that you get scared about the things that might happen.

Okay lang matakot, pero sana lumaban ka pa rin.

Right now, I am at the point in my life when I am also fearful of the things that could happen when I say yes to a big project. It’s my first time. But, I also fear what if I miss this project because of this fear? Wahhh. I do not know.

What I do now is to pray for it. I may have plans but the Lord has better plans for me. I know that God will never give me challenges that I couldn’t accomplish. I always pray to God to increase my faith and to increase my super power to do things for him.

Nakakatakot, pero sana kayanin kapag and’yan na.

Isipin mo ‘yung mga bagay na meron ka na sana ngayon kung hindi ka natakot.

So help me God.

For your exhausted heart

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You are stressed at work. You are preoccupied because of the deadlines that you need to meet. You cannot cope up with meetings and assemblies because of these forced tasks that you have to do.

You are worried. You feel weak. You are afraid to tell everyone about it.

You are forced to work because not doing it results to something. Not doing it gives you more reason to do it.

You feel worried, because at some point, this job has given you reasons to hope. At first, this job has given you enough reason to live.

At this moment, you are unsure about your goals (not really because you have lots of it).

At this moment, never forget that you are loved. As quoted, “You are loved maybe not by the world but by the One who Created the World.” Definitely, this is what we call unfailing love. It keeps you going. It keeps you going. It never makes you feel weak and small.

You are loved even if you are worried, Someone up there stares and assists you. You have to feel His love. You have to entrust yourself to Him. Send Him your doubts, fears, and rejections. Give Him your burdens. Rest assured, everything will be fine.

As what the Lord says, “If you remain in Me, and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you.” (John 15:7). 

God has given you tasks to accomplish because He knows that you can do it. He has given you challenges because He knows you can overcome it. For every mountains that you need to push, He is always beside you to keep you going.

Never be afraid to work alone. Your mind must be tired, but God keeps your heart in proper state. Your heart is always in His hands.

You are loved. Keep that it mind. 

*Holy Week Reflection — Holy Monday*