Under the Queen’s Umbrella Review

Under the Queen’s Umbrella is about Queen Hwaryeong who is supposed to act with dignity and grace as she raises her troublemakers aka sons. She needs to raise them with proper education and correct values. However, there seems to be tons of challenges.

This is the official poster. (Photo is not mine.)

This Korean Drama is one of the best Korean Historical Fiction that I have watched after Scarlet Heart Ryeo. This series presented strong female characters and the way they carry themselves inside the palace.

The past historical dramas that I’ve watched mostly depicts patriarchy, and the competition to the throne. However, this series highlighted the role of the women in the society.

From giving birth, to raising the child, to handling their responsibilities, a queen definitely needs to always strive for excellence. This is what the protagonist has been doing throughout the story.

Queen Hwaryeong showed how she stood up agains the norm concerning their people and her sons. She has shown proper judgment in every situations. She acts accordingly and always does everything with a plan.

Here are the most notable characters in the series. (Photo is not mine.)

She also demonstrated great power in protecting her sons. She pushed them to be the best grand princes that they can be no matter what situation they are in.

There are other female antagonists, such as Queen Dowager, the first Concubine, and the deposed Queen. I like how each character was differentiated from one another. They have one common denominator (which is being related to the King), but this just complemented the uniqueness of each female character.

This series ended on its highest rating. I am looking forward for Season 2 if there’s any.


Law School (Korean Drama) 2021

I am not a fan of our law subject way back to college. I am not into politics and economics, too. I believe it’s not just my thing. However, Law School Korean Drama, has captured my interest.

Law School is a Kdrama worth of sleepless night with its 16 episodes with one hour running time. Basically, it is about a professor at a prestigious law school and his students get involved in an unprecedented case (AsianWiki).

Every single episode is mind blowing. It will really hook you from the start. It goes around the case charged to Professor Yang. Every episode presents a different suspect which will really make you watch the next episodes.

Moreover, each character is distinct and remarkable in their own way. They represent various subplot that makes the entire plot exciting and thrilling at the same time.

Why should you watch Law School? There are different reasons.

  • It includes subplots about poverty, domestic violence, corruption, and even troll farms.
  • It has diverse cast, from veteran to new faces. You would love them all.
  • It will make you research for your own nation’s law and question its context.

It does not include romance. It is about solid friendship. You can be successful if you are surrounded with good people and influence. I recommend this to those friends who want thrill in their life.

Watch its trailer here! 🙂

What are you currently watching? After this Kdrama, I plan to finish Sell Your Haunted House, then binge-watch Trese on Netflix!