For every decision comes a consequence.

In my previous post about how I lost my job in three days, I discussed every hardship I faced during my depression. It was Friday when I decided to stay home and relax. I waited for the Holy Spirit (Pentecost Sunday) to take over in my life. Sometimes, I forgot this because I was too busy.

It was Monday when I decided to move on and continue living a life I deserve. I went to San Beda College in Rizal. I spent 30php to enter the school in the village, and 40php to pay for the trike going outside the subdivision. It was not a waste, though, even if there was no vacancy for the position I was looking for.

Then, I went to Senior Citizen Office in Taytay to avail for a booklet for my lola.

From Taytay, I went to Ortigas, specifically in Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, to send my resume. The guard accepted it and swore that someone from the school would claim it from him. I must wait for two-three days to process my application.

Then, I applied in PCC, Pasig Catholic College. My resume was accepted not because they were still hiring but for power-filling purposes only.

I went to SM Taytay to meet my high school friends. It was fun meeting them, because one of them came from Canada and it’s been four years since we saw each other.

While having chat with them, I receive a call from St. John Academy’s staff asking me to visit their school and fill out their application form. When I got home, I receive a text from St. Paul Makati asking me if I still wanted to pursue my application. Of course, I said yes. I was asked to have my demo and exam on Thursday, May 28. I prayed for that school. I wondered if I could pass there.

When I got home, I receive a call from TM (Mobile Network), saying that I was one of the lucky attendees for their writing workshop. It would be on Wednesday, May 27. Yih.

I am indeed blessed to have these opportunities. This demo in St. Paul is one of a kind. No matter what happens, it is my privilege to have my demo there. Thanks, Bro. You never failed to show Your love for me.

Let’s see where God would bring me. I’ll keep you updated. 😉



I accepted that these schools turned down my application. I was hired in St. Paul College Pasig. Then, after three days, Xavier was asking me if I could go to their school immediately. Then, I was texted by San Beda if I still wish to pursue my application. St.Paul Makati asked me if I wanted to pursue my application, too.

As of 2016, I am currently working as a Paulinian Educator. Praying that this could last for long. 7/2/16