How to Give Talk or Webinar Online

Aside from being missing in action for four months, I am just your average elementary teacher teaching English to grade one students in a private school in Pasig. So, whenever somebody asks me to give a talk about a certain topic, I honestly do not know how to react. What I do is I absorb the info about the invitation, weigh whether I can commit myself fully to it or not for a few minutes. If everything is good, (if I am mentally okay, and our internet permits), I say say.

2020 has brought lots of opportunities for me. Not posting this to brag but to give you some details on how to deal with invitations for speakership.

How to Give Talk or Webinar Online

Here is what I have learned after saying YES to 10 events this year.

  1. When somebody invites you for a talk, ask them the important details.
    1. objectives
    2. target audience
    3. date and time
    4. means of the seminar (online or face-to-face)
    5. length of your talk
    6. of course, the program.

You need to know these details so you can easily create an outline for your talk that would address what your audience needs. You need these details, promise. I’ve learned this the hard way. There was a time when I absent-mindedly say yes to a friend, not reading the objectives of the workshop I was assigned to. (Sorry, friend, if you are reading this.) Good thing, I was able to adjust the flow of my talk and my activities for that day.

2. Prepare ahead of time. I believe, you are given enough time to prepare for your talk. Hence, you should read, draft, and write your talk in advance. Avoid cramming.

3. Create a strong visual or Powerpoint presentation. Make sure that it follows the usual rules for presentation like the font size (big enough), font style (not more than three font styles), and even the layout. Yes, Canva has a lot of templates, but make sure to make necessary adjustments so you won’t appear the typical Canva user. hehe.

4. Make your online talk or webinar interactive. Let your audience feel that they are part of the program and not just passive listeners. They can contribute to the discussion by commenting their insights or by simply asking questions. Let them know that you are monitoring their comments in the comment section or chat box. Haha. That gives them the sense of responsibility and urgency to respond to your questions.

5. Integrating games to your talk or webinar sounds exciting! When they know that they will be rewarded, audience tend to be more motivated to participate. Most of the time, games add flavor to one’s talk, as well.

These are just some of the things I did before I give talk or webinars online. If I’ve missed anything, feel free to comment them in the comment section below.

Have a great day ahead!



On not having a jowa at 20sh something

Babala. Medyo personal ang post.

9:00PM, payapa akong naglalaro ng online games dahil may quests akong ‘di matapos-tapos. Nasa kalagitnaan rin ako ng scrolling sa Instagram dahil naghahanap ako ng halaman para sa kwarto. Habang ginagawa ko lahat ng iyon sa isang malamig na gabi (salamat sa aircon at Meralco na naibalik ang kuryente at 6:00PM), bigla akong kinausap ni Lola.

“Ilang taon ka na. Wala ka pa ring boyfriend. Kaya mo bang mabuhay nang mag-isa? Mahirap mabuhay mag-isa.”

Syempre, super concerned lang talaga si lola kaya niya nasabi ‘yon. Two years na akong super independent sa buhay (in some ways), at siguro, nararamdaman niyang kailangan ko na nga ata talaga ng makakasama sa buhay.

Kaya nga, dahil sa conversation na ‘yon, naisip ko lang ‘to:

  1. I do not need to rush. Kalma lang. Not having a jowa at this age is not a need. In this time of pandemic, mas marami pang pwedeng i-prioritize. Prioritize genuine friendships, relationship with family, and self-development.
  2. Not having a jowa does not make me a less person. Ewan ko ba. Uso pa rin ata ‘yung thinking na kahit anong ganap mo sa buhay, kapag wala kang jowa, laging kulang. Hahehehe.
  3. I am at peace at this age. I am blessed and contented. I never felt alone because I have so many meaningful relationships with my family and friends. While I am at this age, I am busy dreaming and fulfilling those dreams one step at a time.

‘Yung edad ko atang ito ‘yung edad na kung saan halos lahat ng ka-batch ko may achievements sa buhay. May kanya-kanya silang milestones. Nakakailang anak na. Nakakailang work na. Nakakailang bansa na napuntahan. Super happy ako for them, genuinely.

Kung gaano ako kasaya para sa kanila, ganoon rin naman ako kasaya sa kung nasaan ako ngayon.

Lahat ng tao, may kanya-kanyang oras sa buhay. Kalma lang. 🙂


A Trip to Nueva Ecija

I never knew that Nueva Ecija could be a dazzling place to visit. It is filled with history and glorious beauty that encapsulated not only my heart but also my soul.

It was August 11, 2018, when we went here for our annual parish pilgrimage in San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish. For this year, the community decided to travel to Nueva Ecija

Nueva Ecija offered our sight with natural beauty and aesthetics. The green fields welcomed us as we go along the way. Around 500 people enjoyed what Nueva Ecija offered its visitors.

First Stop: Sto. Cristo Parish

Sto. Cristo is located in Nueva Ecija. Their parish has a huge parking lot and can accommodate our ten buses. Nice! Also, this parish has intricate designs. Its details totally reflect its youth. Actually, the parish is only 17 years old.





Second Stop: St. Francis Parish

St. Francis Parish welcomed us with rain showers. It has an elegant yet simple exterior design. Its interior design says a lot, tbh. Among the three parishes we’ve visited, this is the most detailed church.





Third Stop: National Shrine of La Virgen Divina Pastora 

This is the most awaited church for us to visit. The national shrine of La Virgen Divina Pastora is in Gapan, Nueva Ecija. It has a mini-museum behind its altar. The youth who told us about its history said the church has been founded in colonial times.




This pilgrimage happened in the midst of Habagat on August 11, 2018. Still, we survived and spent the day well. Thanks to God, the provider of everything. It is indeed a well-spent weekend. Looking (and hoping) forward for more pilgrimage this year.




The Art of Saying No

This two-letter word seems the hardest to utter. I always try my best not to say NO because it feels rejecting opportunities along my way. Also, it seems refusal to life’s learning. I have associated the word NO to rejection and negative thoughts. Thus, I am uncomfortable to say this, especially to my friends, and to my family.

However, there came a time when I reached the point when I had to squeeze all my activities in one day because of my numerous YESes. My whole weekend was filled with lots of commitments and hustles that I need to comply with. This happened because I did not say NO. I said YES even if my time forbids me.

My weekdays after work were also compromised, too. I had to meet people for ministrIES I’ve committed myself into (because I believe I can manage everything back then). I compromised the days when I can spend time with my lola who was with me the whole time around because of the talks I’ve accepted as well.

I tried to tie everything in one rope, not realizing that this rope may become loose soon.

There also came a time when I felt unhappy on what I was doing. I dragged myself for the sake of completing the task. I totally lost my passion on my task because it no longer satisfies my spiritual growth. I was drained and found myself ranting all day long. This never contributed to my personal growth. Thus, my co-members in that ministry felt the same. It’s a sign, my thoughts said. Then, we all found ourselves resigning from that group.

It’s true that a simple NO is a YES for the betterment of ourselves.

I also stopped spending my weekends on the events that do not add value to my life. I refused a thousand-peso-worth speaking engagement just because prefer contributing to people who genuinely believe in me as a writer. (My practical self vanished.)

Right now, the art of saying NO is saying YES to genuine opportunities that life has to offer. It’s not about closing the doors. It’s more of reminding yourself that there are times that you need to turn down certain things that could make you worry at the end.

I believe it’s not too late to know where to spend my nonrenewable resource, which is time. Cheers for more time well-spent!

Have you ever felt stuck between a YES and a NO? Share your thoughts, perhaps?


For your exhausted heart

(Photo credits to the owner)

You are stressed at work. You are preoccupied because of the deadlines that you need to meet. You cannot cope up with meetings and assemblies because of these forced tasks that you have to do.

You are worried. You feel weak. You are afraid to tell everyone about it.

You are forced to work because not doing it results to something. Not doing it gives you more reason to do it.

You feel worried, because at some point, this job has given you reasons to hope. At first, this job has given you enough reason to live.

At this moment, you are unsure about your goals (not really because you have lots of it).

At this moment, never forget that you are loved. As quoted, “You are loved maybe not by the world but by the One who Created the World.” Definitely, this is what we call unfailing love. It keeps you going. It keeps you going. It never makes you feel weak and small.

You are loved even if you are worried, Someone up there stares and assists you. You have to feel His love. You have to entrust yourself to Him. Send Him your doubts, fears, and rejections. Give Him your burdens. Rest assured, everything will be fine.

As what the Lord says, “If you remain in Me, and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you.” (John 15:7). 

God has given you tasks to accomplish because He knows that you can do it. He has given you challenges because He knows you can overcome it. For every mountains that you need to push, He is always beside you to keep you going.

Never be afraid to work alone. Your mind must be tired, but God keeps your heart in proper state. Your heart is always in His hands.

You are loved. Keep that it mind. 

*Holy Week Reflection — Holy Monday*