ECQ Season 2 in the Philippines

ECQ Season 2

A year ago, when the ECQ Season 1 was announced, we were all hopeful that one day, this pandemic would end. However, it’s been a year, it just got worst.

Yes, there are vaccines, but there are also new strains.

Yes, there are strict protocols like curfew and new ECQ stuff, but there’s no mass testing.

Yes, there are vaccines, but our LGU is still out of reach.

Honestly, I’ve become more anxious because I live with a senior citizen. That worries me more than my own health. Our house is an open door. Literally.

How am I coping?

First, I rest. I have decided to do nothing at certain days. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with tons of adjustments and works. Hence, I feel stressed! Anyways, I still find time to work on my pendings. Chill, self.

Second, I rearrange my room every two weeks or whenever I feel to rearrange it. There’s a time when I decided to rearrange it just because I want to and I feel bored.

Third, I journal. I have started writing random stuff without being obligated to post it online. I have kept all those thoughts in my cutie notebook. That sparks joy. Writing just for myself.

Fourth, I try to read books during my free time. Really. I have convinced myself not to buy books unless I have finished reading all my new ones.

Lastly, I try to be spiritually healthy by listening to online retreats, reading daily gospel, attending weekly Bible sharing, and listening to Mass.

Just random thoughts as a writer/MA student/employee/eldest Asian daughter.

You see, being an artist in this time of pandemic is definitely challenging. People expect you or you expect to write more just because you are at home. I set expectations to myself as well to write more and to be more productive just how I do it before pandemic.

I would not want to use pandemic as an excuse but it seems like to be a valid excuse. (Ang gulo ko. Sorry) Basically, I am thriving to be that ‘ideal’ writer who still contributes something to the art world. Chz.

Anyways, this is just an update post about how am I dealing with life lately.

How are you, folks? I hope you are all well and healthy.

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It’s okay not to be productive, friends.

This pandemic has brought us a lot of problems. Some are physically suffering. Some are emotionally unwell. Some people are definitely disturbed and so anxious for not knowing what the future holds.

My Personal Experience (And I am honest about this)

Right now, I am privileged enough to be writing this blog. Through this, I can cope with all the emotional ups and downs that I am going through. Wow. The term.

To be honest, for the first few weeks of the quarantine, I was able to establish a routine and to follow it religiously. I tweaked some of my activities whenever it is needed. I also added and changed my room decoration to have a new working ambience.

Again, for the first months, I was able to be “productive” because I felt that I had to be productive since I have the luxury of time. But, let’s be honest, it’s not always a good day.

There were days that I feel down about what is happening. I know that I couldn’t control these things. I always felt laying down on my bed, looking at my ceiling, and questioning what would happen next. But most of all, I couldn’t help but to feel so down because of not being able to do things.

Why is it okay not to be productive?

After watching bestdressed vlog, here I am, typing this blog to write about not being able to do things recently. I will try to convince you, friends, that sometimes, it is okay not to be productive.

  • It’s okay not to be productive because (as what they say), we do not work from home, we try to work from home. We are facing this pandemic and I believe it is really challenging to work and be productive if we are in this certain phase of life.
  • It’s okay not to be productive because you need to focus on your health. Friend, you need to maintain a good mental health as well. If you would force yourself to work like you used to, then you are just being hard on yourself. (and that wouldn’t help you either)
  • It’s okay not to be productive because (maybe) you have done enough for the week. Your mind and body need to relax. You need to recharge. Yes, you need to keep going and to try to cope with the new normal, but then, you also have to take care of yourself.

Keep your chill. If you can’t do everything now, take a break.

Sip your favorite coffee. Have a good breakfast. Laugh at funny Tiktok videos. Share a meme with you friends. Watch movies without feeling guilty about the time spent on this.

Life calls for balance. As what Ashley (bestdressed) said, “There is not always a later.” Right now, consider doing the things that you’ve forgotten to do. Read a book. Have a good conversation with your loved ones. Keep in touch with good old friends.

Chill ka muna tapos, laban ulit.


Your failure is an opportunity to grow.

This blog post is dedicated to those people who are questioning their existence especially in this time of COVID 19. Dear friends, I know it is not so easy to plan any grand gestures/goals because we are quarantined. Kaya sa blog na ito, ibabahagi ko sa inyo ang ilang quarantine thoughts na napag-usapan namin ng best friend ko.

The Story Behind This Post

Pang-ilang araw na nga ba ng quarantine? ‘Di ko na mabilang. Halos lahat ng araw kasi na lumilipas, pareho na lang. Nakakalungkot na ring isipin na ang dami nang COVID19 cases sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo. Marami rin namang good news, sa kabilang banda. Kaya lang, pagkatapos mapansin lahat ng nasa labas na balita, hindi talaga natin maiiwasan na tumingin at bumalik sa panloob na sitwasyon ng sarili.

Bago matapos ang araw, naranasan mo na bang tanungin ang sarili mo kung productive ka? Nakagawa ka ba ng maraming bagay? Natuto ka ba ng bagong skill? May nabasa ka bang libro? May naluto ka ba? Nakapagsimula ka na ba sa dream project mo? Lagpas isang buwan na kasi. Anong natapos mo? Ang haggard isipin ng konsepto ng productivity ngayong may crisis. Lalo, mas mahirap isipin ang konsepto ng success sa mga ganitong panahon.

Paano ba natin ilu-look forward ang success sa ganitong panahon? Para bigyan kayo ng ideya, in-interview ko ‘yung classmate ko nung high school na si Paul De Vera. Sa ngayon, ‘di niyo pa siya kilala, so I suggest, check his Facebook page muna.

On Success

Sumali ‘tong friend ko sa dalawang singing contest sa TV. Singer siya at hilig niya talagang sumali sa contest. Kaya lang, hindi talaga sa lahat ng pagkakataon ay happy moments. For him it is okay not to win. Proud naman siyang sabihin na bagamat hindi siya nanalo, hindi siya nakaramdam ng sama ng loob. Alam niyo kung bakit? He is surrounded by a good group of people. He is with a good company.

Ibig sabihin, kailangan natin ng tama at mabuting kaibigan in order to succeed.

Be surrounded by the right and kind people.

Some people would appreciate you even at your darkest moments and even at your weakest point. You won’t feel bad if you are with those people.

Habang nagmamaneho siya ng sasakyan, tinanong ko ulit siya kung paano ba siya nag-cope sa failures at downfalls. Ang hirap kaya ng dalawang beses natalo on national TV. Tapos, heto sinabi ni bes.

Your failure is an opportunity to grow.

If we only try to embrace opportunities as we fall, then we will grow. To those who are reading this, tandaan niyo sana ‘tong sentence na ito. Alam kong alam niyo na ‘to, pero pinapaalala ko lang ulit.

On taking risks 

People nowadays are fond of taking risks. (Ako rin! Dati!)

My good friend told me na dapat daw piliin ang mga bagay na may risks. Kung may iti-take kang risk, make sure na meron ka pa ring plano once na bumagsak. Plan B, ikanga. Kapag hindi ka nagtagumpay, anong sunod na plano?

Sa pag-take ng risks, minsan, mismong pamilya natin ‘yung hindi sasang-ayon. Alam mo ‘yon? Alam natin na gusto lang ng mga mahal natin sa buhay na nasa comfortable state tayo. Kaya lang, is there growth in your comfort zone? 

My friend is a freelance host, and singer. I strongly admire people who work freelance. Hindi kayang madaling i-maintain ang ganoong estado ng buhay. Sabi niya lang naman na ang tanging pinagsisihan niya about freelancing is not trying it earlier.

Sana pala ay noon niya pa nasimulan. Kung maaga daw siya nag-take ng risk to freelance, mas marami siyang failures at mas marami siyang matututunan. Lahat ng ito ay later on magagamit niya talaga as an opportunity to grow.

I agree that my failure is an opportunity to grow if I would take it as a challenge. Dapat ko rin i-handle nang maayos ang lungkot at the same time. Marami akong trust issues since birth. Ako ata ang trust issues na naging tao. Kaya sobrang kailangan kong pag-aralan mag-cope sa failures, sa lungkot, at sa frustrations.

How are you coping, friends? I hope you are all doing fine. 



Pros and Cons of Online Seminar for Teachers

It’s the 43rd Day of Enhanced Community Quarantine in the Philippines. Since everybody is mostly at home, some private companies are taking this opportunity to reach out to their possible clients.

In the field of education, there are several publishers who gave free online classes and seminars. These are offered to the teachers who are working from home. For teachers with reliable internet connection, this free online course and seminar is a great opportunity for them to work on their professional development. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, some teachers still exert effort on this. 

However, as I scroll my newsfeed on Facebook, I realise that there are pros and cons of online seminar given to teachers. Everything is in local context and is based from what I have witnessed for the past weeks.

Pros of Online Seminar

  • It is convenient. One can attend a seminar at the comforts of his home. Also, the attendee does not have to travel.
  • It is free. That’s it. Everything is accessible online. Materials are given online, too.
  • There is immediate feedback from the speaker. They also answer questions during their live discussions.

Cons of Online Seminar

  • Learning is not guaranteed because the attendee may be distracted while attending the online seminar. It is not assured whether he is really listening or not. Unless, he is very dedicated even no one is supervising him. (Who knows?)
  • Is there really free online seminar? Some facilitators of online seminar do not give the digital certificate to their attendees. Since it is free, some courses online (in the PH context), take time to provide feedback to their learners.
  • Lastly, it is easy to procrastinate especially nobody will supervise your progress. Only deadlines are given. Hence, it is quite challenging for procrastinators.

In my opinion, I still prefer the traditional seminars for teachers. I can be more attentive while I listen. I feel the sense of responsibility since I exerted time and money to attend that seminar. Still, since there is a COVID 19 crisis, this is not applicable to all. Maybe, I will try to look for more courses that will suit my learning style.

Share your thoughts, friends. What do you think? :>


My Quarantine Routine

Staying at home for two weeks is tolerable. But, staying at home for two months is a bit challenging especially for an outgoing and busy person. I am used to doing lots of works all the time. I always plan my schedule one month advance. Hence, to stay too long at home is a challenge.

Good thing, we were able to cope. I decided to make my own routine *wow* to be productive without pressure. What is my quarantine routine?

My routine has no specific timeline because I still want to be kind to myself. I have decided to take a break from too much work.

Upon waking up, I drink water and play my wake up song on Spotify. When that song ends, that means that I have to get up. Sometimes, I change to my yoga clothes. After yoga, I prepare my breakfast. Of course, I would not miss my coffee. Then, I take a bath.

After my morning routine, I need to start working at 9:00AM until 12:00NN. If I finish my task earlier, then, I can have free time to scroll on my social media accounts.

I eat lunch at 12:00NN. Sleep from 1:00PM to 2:00PM. I force myself to go back to work at 3:00PM. Then, I take a break at 4:00PM. I usually take my early dinner at 6:00PM. Then, watch news and series later on. Sometimes, I evaluate my day whether I was able to achieve something or not.

Up to this writing, I was able to write more reflections on my Facebook page. Then, I also made vlogs for our diocesan youth page and St. Paul’s Facebook page. Also, I watched more series. I learned how to cook by myself.

Stay at home, friends, and always wash your hands.

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