If I Stay & Where She Went Book Review

Gayle Forman’s novels If I Stay and Where She Went described the two sides occurred in a love story—that not all hero and heroines can easily had their happy ending. These novels comprised of two remarkable characters who were able to prove that love wasn’t just a word but it’s an everlasting faith between two individuals.

The first book, If I Stay, made me wonder what the story was all about. The way how Mia described her situation after the accident had the touch of her innocence. Moreover, it also tackled how teenagers sees life in their own perspective. The timeline was not too slow for me. In fact, it made me turn each page curiously. Lessons about life were discussed. It gave me a complete definition that the Mia’s life didn’t only surround with Adam—it actually surrounded his family and friends.

The sequel, Where She Went, used Adam’s point of view. The masculine narration of the novel convinced me that the writer was able to perfectly used this kind of POV. I was sure that I’d fallen in love with Adam and everything about him—his personality, his charm, and of course, his talent, singing. He’s my number one rock star. The lines he wrote struck me. All of the lines from the novel were perfectly written. Genius was the author for writing these romantic and meaningful lines. The meaning behind the song complemented every chapter. I adored the name of the album, Collateral Damage, and all of its songs. I wished that these songs would had its own tune.

I am looking forward to If I Stay movie adaptation. The novel’s unique twists and climax make me more excited than I used to. Hence, I wish that the producers will give justice to its movie.

My favorite line from the book Where She Went is:

Letting go. Everyone talks about it like it’s the easiest thing. 




She’s the Man Review



She’s the man. I was quite curious about the title so I watched this film. It’s about the girl named Viola, who really loved to play soccer. Because of her passion, she just found herself substituting her brother in their soccer team.

Then, Paul was her “roomie” who had a crush on Olivia. Everything was total love disaster. But in the end, Paul and Viola ended up together. (spoiler here)

I found the film good. There were some just draggy scenes. But, I love how the film ended. The twist was really unexpected.


500 Days of Summer + Silver Linings: Playbook

Since I can’t sleep last night, I decided to watch (finally) 500 days of Summer. It took me so long to decide whether I should watch it or not ‘coz I thought, it’s just another love story. And I was wrong. According to the movie narrator, it’s not just another love story. I apologized. Lol. So here we go.

This movie is a bit humorous. The female character is a little bit weird. The male character? He’s just another hopeless men in love to that woman who wasn’t able to label their relationship. Uhmm, I’m quite confused with the format of the movie because it goes forward, then return to another format. But then, I was able to catch up with the format. And I enjoyed it! 🙂

My rating for the movie is 7/10.

I thought I will feel sleepy after watching this movie. But then, I wasn’t. My senses told me to continue watching Silver Linings: Playbook. I’ve already started watching this movie, but I wasn’t able to finish it. So, I decided to watch this one as well.

At first, I was quite confused with Peter. His attitude is unpredictable and this made his character very strong. Tiffany? I never thought that she will be partnered with Peter. Haha. I thought she will remain as a depressed widow. So, as the story went on, I enjoyed their scenes! Hihi. It’s like me watching Be Careful with my Heart. The two made me ‘kilig’ and I can feel their sweetness. THEY ARE SO ROMANTIC! I almost cried after their confrontation scene. My favorite line is:


Thank you. I love you. Sorry it took so long for me to catch up. I just stocked up.

My rating for this movie is 9/10. I will love watching it again.


This post serves as my first post for the month of May. 🙂 Hurray for May!