5 Relatable Moments in MIBF 2016

Book Signing and Launching, Meetups, Wattpad, and Press Releases- This perfectly summed up Manila International Book Fair. MIBF 2016 succeeded in making all bookworms unite. With its exciting events and overwhelming surprises, MIBF 2016 truly achieved its goals in sending the joy of reading for everyone.

It started in September 14 and ended in September 18. This four-day event brought smiles and kilig  to the attendees. Publishers, bookstores, and indie authors united in making this event possible. I was fueled to participate, seeing this huge crowd.

I only attended the event this weekend. Witnessing various events in MIBF 2016 made me realized one thing:

To read and write more.

We literally (sort of) swam with people while strolling, but this did not stop us to enjoy this event. We were astonished about the people we met, the books we’d read, and the events we attended.



If you attended this event, you can relate to the following kilig moments only felt by true-blooded bookworms.


1. Joy in Receiving Freebies

MIBF is the time of the year when authors, publishers, and bookstores are sooo generous in giving bookmarks, pins, laces, and free books itself. Purchasing books sends you closer to numerous freebies. It’s not that I’m a sucker for freebie, but, hey, that’s free. This happens once, and definitely, it is surely worth the swim.


2. Pleasure in Meeting Favorite Authors 

Imagine meeting Bo Sanchez in personal. It’s surely stunning and mind-boggling. When we met him on the last day of the book fair, we’ve felt fulfilled enough to pack our things and go home. Aside from that, we are able to meet Sir Ricky Lee who is so humble and kind in his words. Sir Jun / Segundo Matias is also present. Rebel Fiction writers are there. I WAS THERE. Hehe. This excites my entire being.


3. Excitement in Book Signing 

If MIBF is your one and only schedule in ~book signing~ then, I guess, this is surely one of a lifetime experience. Meeting and greeting my readers truly has allowed me to realize that writing is a passion and creative output that I should regularly do. Thus, if I feel like giving up, I just need to write, not just for myself, but for my readers.


4. Perks of Covering Events

This is my first time to cover a press release of Sir Segundo’s book and Rebel Fiction’s press release. Being surrounded by other bloggers and media has taught me a lot. It’s an experience that reminds me to be consistent in posting blog-related stuff. Nonetheless, it seems an OJT for an aspiring blogger like me.


5. Time to Meet New People, New Faces

Since a book fair is not a book fair without bookworms, I get a chance to meet fellow readers who share the same favorite books with me. I get to buy books and have it signed by an illustrator and a writer. It’s like, being in one place with people who share the same hobby with you. Surprisingly, there is this unwritten culture where people act because of what they read.


Manila International Book Fair 2016 is something that I am proud not to miss. What is your favorite #MIBF experience? Share it on the comment box below.

Secret Lives of Books

Have you ever wonder how book is made? Before, I used to think that books are simply printed; yet, it does not end there.

This afternoon, I attended a panel talk entitled Secret Lives of Books. This happened in Ayala Museum in celebration of the 20th year of Filipino Heritage Library. It was moderated by Karl Castro, a book designer. Writers/Book Makers of various types attended the seminars.

The talk started by Karl when he introduced the speakers. 

The book history is discussed by a librarian itself in Ateneo de Manila University. He explained the cycle of book making. 

He said that the history of the book starts when the decision has been made regarding its publication.

Next panelist was Karin whose talked focused on Children’s books.


Writing books for Filipino children should be of meaning and value integrated with Filipino culture.

She explained that reading is a dynamic interaction between the reader, writer, and the world.

Next speakers were Tonet Jadaone and Chinggay of Tita Witty. 

Tonet Jadaone was the well-known writer of the film That Thing Called Tadhana. With her was Chinggay who was her business partner in their self-published books and planners.

What I’ve realized from them was the perks of being self-published. 🙂

Next speaker were AG de Guzman and Wawi of Thousandfold. 
These people were the pioneer in creating and publishing photo book. They explained that reading was also done visually. 

Then, the last speaker was Sir Ricky Lee who was just one seat away from me (because we sat in front).

He was natural, spontaneous, and funny in his talk. He was never hesistant to be honest in telling his experience as an independent pblisher before. 

He had told us stories which made us respect him more. 

The way he organized his launching was like a rock concert–People has to ‘pre-order’ by buying tickets for his launching. It’s discounted, so people would buy.

The talk was definitely a great experience that I would always treasure. It offered insights from experts about writing. 

What’s important is these talks boost my confidence. 🙂