The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks (Review)


This book is filled with extraordinary mystery! Each page is composed of elements which make me go over the next pages. I have to admit that it took me few days to finish this book because I chose to read every chapter at the most perfect time and place. Moreover, this book has really made me flip the next pages; it even made me skip some words just because of excitement.

You always have a choice. It’s just that some people make the wrong one.

It was funny how you could know someone for years but will discover something you never noticed before.

Nicholas Sparks has made his book really great. It is filled with theme that is not usually done. Oh, btw, the word “great” is not enough to describe the thrill this book gave me. Honestly, I didn’t let myself to read this during nights. You know, the mystery effect is just there. And I have to admit, I’m kinda coward when it comes to that. Thumbs up for this book. Thumbs up for me, too. 🙂