When the time is right, the Lord will make it happen.

The theme for this week is “When the time is right, the Lord will make it happen.”

Despite the ups and downs of unemployment, I was able to manage several writing gigs and to work on some personal projects. I was able to speak to a group of youth ministers. I was able to talk to Basic Bible Seminar 2 attendees. I was able to submit my deliverables. Wow. This week was one of a kind. A lot of things happened which I am grateful for.

When I went to National Book Store, I saw my book Paghilom on the Most Popular Books shelf. Who would have thought that this cutie cutie book would reach this shelf?

Aside from this shelf in NBS Megamall, I also saw the announcement of my first ever book signing and writing workshop! Patsy’s Coffee and Pastries Shop sent an invite last May 31 about this book signing but I was able to read it recently. The coffee shop owner invited me to have a simple meet and greet! Please help me by liking their page, too ha.

Any readers from Bulacan? I’ll be in this coffee shop on July 16! I will be signing books and giving a short writing workshop for those who will attend the event. It’s a dream come true for me because the last time I had a book signing was in 2016. Praying for more opportunities like this so I could be of help to others. Yes? Yes!

The most exciting news for this week is this!!! Paghilom is one of the bestsellers in National Book Store!!! Such a big thing for me. Among the many books in NBS, Paghilom is in the list. My heart is so happy. Noong bata ako, pangarap ko lang magkaroon ng libro. Pero yung mapasa pa sa bestseller? Sobrang thankful ako kasi hindi ko naman in-expect ito. Thank You, Lord, sa kilig feels po talaga! Kahit hindi siya bestseller, masaya ako as is for this book. People tell me that they feel blessed after reading it. Kaya, Lord, please, pa-claim na po ako ng points slash rewards from you po?

My heart is full. After reading Chapter 1 of the book The Gratitude Diaries, I’ve changed my perspective about life. I’ve realized that I have a lot of things to be grateful for.

How about you? What are you grateful for? Happy week ahead!


Paghilom Book by Kim Derla

From Paano Mag-move on, to After Breakup, and now, Paghilom, Kim Derla is back with another heartwarming book that will surely win your heart.

I have written this collection of poems and essays for a year. It has been in my drafts folder since 2020 of March. But, it is only in June 2021 that I finally gathered all the courage to have it printed. I decided to self-publish it after reading the book, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Thank you so much, Jen!

How it Started

When I was broken hearted, my initial reaction was to write a book that would be entitled Paghilom. I even kept on saying these to my colleagues because I just needed to write it back then.

Poems and essays helped me survived during my darkest days. Whenever I feel down, and whenever the day was unbearable, I made myself busy by writing poems.

Whenever I feel the toughness of life, I just write.

How Did I Finish the Book

I started by not thinking of having this book published. I just wrote freely, without thinking of rules, and the usual conventions. I just wrote whatever I came up with after going to places, travelling to unknown provinces, and thinking deeply about life.

After that, I collated and compiled these in a file. Then, I asked Ate Beth to proofread and edit it. After she edited it, she also did the book layout. I collaborated with Kuya Dar Murillo for the illustrations and the book cover. I also asked my friend Stowie to finalized the book cover layout.

If you plan to self-publish, you may have the option to get for an ISBN. In my case, I did not get one. I just searched for a printer that would be affordable enough. Then, I posted a pre-order form thru Shopee, and viola! That is it.

As of this writing, I am waiting for the printed copy of the book. By the way, I decided to include free bookmarks, postcards, and stickers in these book. There is also an option to purchase a tote bag. 🙂

How is Everything Going

To be honest, self-publishing a book is never easy. I needed to consider a lot of things. I also became more patient and understanding in the process of choosing which printer best suits the book. Also, selling, and monitoring the finance is not my thing, but I am trying my best to learn it because I have to. Also, I sold my camera for this investment, hoping that I can get an upgrade after the process. I knooooow, I could have used my spare money but if I do that I might not able to return it because… because. Haha.

At the same time, I have lots on my plate right now. I am currently reading and doing my research for my masters degree thesis. PERO I LOVE WHAT I DO RIGHT NOW. Thank you, Lord, for this gift!

I am not forcing you to buy. I am convincing you to give my book a try. 🙂 You can purchase it thru Shopee so please visit this link and give yourself a reward for simply finishing reading this blog.

ECQ Season 2 in the Philippines

ECQ Season 2

A year ago, when the ECQ Season 1 was announced, we were all hopeful that one day, this pandemic would end. However, it’s been a year, it just got worst.

Yes, there are vaccines, but there are also new strains.

Yes, there are strict protocols like curfew and new ECQ stuff, but there’s no mass testing.

Yes, there are vaccines, but our LGU is still out of reach.

Honestly, I’ve become more anxious because I live with a senior citizen. That worries me more than my own health. Our house is an open door. Literally.

How am I coping?

First, I rest. I have decided to do nothing at certain days. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with tons of adjustments and works. Hence, I feel stressed! Anyways, I still find time to work on my pendings. Chill, self.

Second, I rearrange my room every two weeks or whenever I feel to rearrange it. There’s a time when I decided to rearrange it just because I want to and I feel bored.

Third, I journal. I have started writing random stuff without being obligated to post it online. I have kept all those thoughts in my cutie notebook. That sparks joy. Writing just for myself.

Fourth, I try to read books during my free time. Really. I have convinced myself not to buy books unless I have finished reading all my new ones.

Lastly, I try to be spiritually healthy by listening to online retreats, reading daily gospel, attending weekly Bible sharing, and listening to Mass.

Just random thoughts as a writer/MA student/employee/eldest Asian daughter.

You see, being an artist in this time of pandemic is definitely challenging. People expect you or you expect to write more just because you are at home. I set expectations to myself as well to write more and to be more productive just how I do it before pandemic.

I would not want to use pandemic as an excuse but it seems like to be a valid excuse. (Ang gulo ko. Sorry) Basically, I am thriving to be that ‘ideal’ writer who still contributes something to the art world. Chz.

Anyways, this is just an update post about how am I dealing with life lately.

How are you, folks? I hope you are all well and healthy.

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