How My First School Year Went

It’s funny that the start of this post is about the end of my first teaching experience. Unfortunately, time management (when it comes to blogging) isn’t mastered by yours truly. Hence, what will I try to share with you is how my first school year went. 

I totally started with nothing. During my practicum days when I applied in this school, I only had prayers and confidence. Application was very easy. Interviews went well. However, demonstration teaching was satisfactory. Nonetheless, everything went perfectly (I believe) in God’s plan.

When I was given my teaching load, I was quite surprised because I was assigned to become an adviser. Astonished was the perfect word because I never thought of a big responsibility like this would happen. Then, later on, I dealt with it. I patiently learn how to craft a well-written lesson plan. Dealing with a lot of new words reflected how I missed a lot of terms during college days. But then, after several months, I managed to create these things well. Thanks God.

I personally thought that being a teacher was only about creating a lesson plan, explaining it to the class, and giving exam. That thought was wrong. Being a teacher had been a very broad word to be defined. It’s not confined with those three main activities. In fact, it had involved a lot of things. Teachers must be apprehensive with their students in regards to their emotions, behavior, and other concerns. Parents must be pacified with positive facts very well in order to maintain a good relationship with them. As what our principal said, they were our customers so we must always love them. Camaraderie with colleagues was also part of my job. No man’s an island. Hence, I needed to learn how to transact, get along, and be friends with these people. Thanks be to God for I belonged to a loving and emphatic group of people. I never felt alone with them. Though, there were times that they were asking me to drink alcoholic beverages. Haha! I knew that it’s part of growing up, but I won’t be risking my precious kidneys for that. In addition to these, I’d learned how to transact with my administrators, and other staff in the academe. It was a rough adjustment for me, yet this girl had fully learned to do it.

School year 2014-2015 is over. A year in the academe has taught me a lot of things. In this short span of time, I’ve met new best friends, close friends, and other people whom I wanted to share this burning passion to teach. I may open a new curtain this school year. Hence, let this curtain allow me to see things differently. As I approach to new school year, may the Lord Almighty make me an instrument of His love, and peace.


This is what happy looks like. My face during my 21st birthday! 🙂 My advisory class surprised me.


My advisory class during their recollection in St. Michael’s Retreat House in Antipolo City.


My advisory class during their farewell party. </3


My together. I mean, together club? ‘coz we’re always eating in Mcdo. Carbs. Yah, I know.


My colleagues! Yih. I love these people. 🙂

Thank You for this knowledgeable school year, Lord. I owe it all to you.

One response to “How My First School Year Went”

  1. Congratulations for “surviving” your first year in the profession! Reading this post reminded me of the joys and challenges I personally went through on my rookie year as a teacher. Really made me smile. 🙂

    There will be more challenges along the way (as a teacher’s life is rarely easy-going) but I’m positive you’ll get by with an unwavering faith and an undying optimism. Also, be comforted by the fact that all your hardships today shall yield fruit in the years to come. Whenever you seem to be losing spirit and demands at work become too overwhelming, always remember why you chose to be in the profession in the first place. Stay inspired, teacher! 🙂

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