An Enchanting View in Cebu

Thanks for Cebu Pacific Air for offering SALE seats. For this very reason, we are able to afford the flight fee. We have booked for Cebu for many reasons.

Cebu is known as the Queen City of the South. It is surrounded by bodies of crystal clear water and pristine beaches. This truly makes it wonderful and enchanting.

We spent three days and two nights in Cebu. Yes, it was not enough, but very overwhelming that we were able to follow our dream itinerary.

First Day

Upon arriving in Cebu, we were fetched by our foster family (which we rented). We were accommodated as well because we paid in advance.

Then, after sleeping for some hours, we woke up early and we headed to Alegria, Cebu City. We rode a bus in Cebu South Terminal Station. We got off in Alegria specifically in Canyoneering place where folks were waiting. It was three-hour trip. (TIP: Look for CERES Bus because it does not overload their bus. It is aircon too. However, their trip is scheduled so better go there earlier than 5:00am). (Another TIP: In our case, we left our bagpacks in Cebu City because we thought that we could go back in our house within the day. We never researched agad. Huhuhu. So, we ended bring only a pair of clothes that would last for a day. But, of courswe, this was part of lessons as well. Okay lang.)

In Alegria, we met our tour guide for the exciting canyoneering. It was Kuya Roy who met us at 11:00am at the bus stop. We signed up in their Baranggay House and we were oriented as well. After that, we rode habal-habal and headed to the starting point. If you plan to contact the same person who guided us, you should go and find him. He offered nice experience with us. Their services included GEARS, SHOES, and HELMETS (plus life stories, jokes, and kwento). 


We had our canyoneering exp from 11:00am-5:00pm. This includes mountain trekking as well. We saw Kawasan Falls, and two other falls. It was definitely a different experience for it helped us conquer our fears.

What I’ve learned in canyoneering?

To let go and just jump! Do not overthink. It is through letting go that we experience something exciting. 

After the canyoneering, we decided to look for a home to stay. First, we went to a hotel near St. Joseph Church. However, there was no vacant room. 😦


This was the view near that church.

Our tour guide helped us to look for another one. HOWEVER, when we were riding in a habal-habal, there was a dog who come out. Unfortunately, the habal-habal slipped. Four of us, including the driver, slipped as well. I was the one who was hurt tremendously. While writing this, I can still feel pain.

What I’ve learned in this?

Experiencing pain is part of our life. We need to be courageous in dealing with it.

We stayed for few hours in a hotel which we paid 950php overnight. We were five so it was manageable. Then, we woke up early the next morning.

Day 2

We woke up early to wait for a bus in front of where we stayed. (TIP: This tip isn’t usually exposed in blogs. But, transportation there in Southern Cebu is quite challenging. You get to see buses for hours. If one bus passed, you have to wait for an hour to see another one again. Take note of this. This will help you not to waste time in commuting.)

From Alegria, Oslob is just two hours away. We got off in Bato and rode tricycle going to Oslob beach itself.

Another tip. If you are planning on seeing and diving with whale sharks only, just head straight to the BRIEFING Station. Do not proceed in the resorts there because they will add 100php as entrance fee to their beach. In BRIEFING Station, just pay there. You can also avail Sumilon Island Tour directly in that place.


Whale Shark Viewing – 300

Whale Shark Swimming – 500

Sumilon Island Fare (1-5 pax) – 1500.

Take note of this prices so you can prepare your cash. In our case, we only afforded the whale shark viewing and Sumilon Island EXPERIEEEENCE. 🙂


We had our breakfast+lunch in front of the beaches. It was the carinderia who offered meals for great and low cost. They just tend to raise their price for foreigners. For a single MANGO, they sold it for fifty pesos. Grabe. 



Unfortunately, we only had few bucks in our hands because we left our things in the city. So, we were really thrifty in this day. However, there are lots of things that we remembered.

We tend to focus on the things we think we need. But, at the end of the day, we can live with what’s essential only. 

Let me share in in Tagalog. Ang dami kasi nating inaasam sa mundo, pero sa huli, nabubuhay pa rin naman tayo kahit wala sila. Nag-eenjoy tayo kahit wala ito. 

We ended our trip here and headed in Cebu City for our day trip.

Day 3

In our case, we don’t deprive ourselves with sleep. So, we woke up at 8:00am. We left our house at 9:00am. We headed to Sabonga, Samala for our pilgrimage in a big church there.

It was a two-hour ride from Cebu South Terminal. When we got off in Sibonga, we rode a tricycle and paid 20 pesos. We chose this over habal-habal.



The church was beyond our imagination and expectation. The monks there definitely exerted effort in building the church. The superb beauty and its grandeur was something to appreciate. The travel time was worthy.


I went inside to view the church since we didn’t have the chance to attend the mass because we were late. I got inside their miraculous place. I saw Mama Mary’s image. I prayed. prayed. prayed. I fell in line going behind the altar.


I must say that its title is real. I prayed and the next day, this is fulfilled. Sobrang thank You, Lord-moment talaga. 

We ate our lunch in front of the church gate. Then, we rode a tricycle. He dropped us at GT Express terminal wherein vans there go straight to Cebu City.

IMAGINE. Travel time from there is just 1 hour. GRABE. We just paid 100 pesos.

Cebu City Tour 

We went to Magellan’s Cross, Basilica de Sto. Nino, Shrine, an Ancient House, Taoist Temple and Lapu-Lapu’s Statue. We bought gifts. And went stratight to airport.



That was our three-day trip! All in all, I spent 6000 including pasalubong. What I’ve learned from this travel?

  • Conquer your greatest fears. Be courageous enough to face them.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Let God lead you to the right path.
  • Pain is essential to anyone. It happens. It happens.
  • You can live with simple things in life.
  • Travelling leads you to tons of realizations. Travel once. At least once.

Our itinerary is not that grand, compared to other itinerary that I saw online. But then, his is truly fruitful and amazing experience. It literally gave me a mark (on my knee) that is worth remembering.

Thanks, God for this. Looking for more adventures with you.

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