14 Four Cafe in Taytay, Rizal

Imagine this scene: falling leaves, soothing wind, appealing chairs and artisitic designs. This is 14 Four Cafe.
Relaxing. Affordable. Nature-friendly. These words perfectly describe 14 Four cafe in Taytay, Rizal. With it’s cooling ambiance and exclusive feels, 14 Four has definitely indulged its visitors to succumb in peace. 

If you’re tired of the usual coffee shops or food park and you want a more peaceful venue away from the city, then you must visit this place. This cafe welcomes you with the environment-friendly location and superb interior design. The juxtaposition of earth and native design is found here. It has succeeded in keeping the ambiance relaxing with its jazzy type of music. 

The menu offers wide variety of meals. From appetizers, pastas, pancakes, and rice meals, everything is here. What I love about their drinks is its nutritional content. Since its’s dalandan and calamansi, these fruit juices are highly recommended for you to try. They also offer pressed French coffee. Wow. I enjoyed pressing this cute container. 

Moreover, I also find it convenient to visit this place because it’s just along the highway. You just need to walk a little to reach this place.

If you’re coming from Cubao, just ride a jeepney going to Angono. Drop off at Singer Tropical. Ride a trike then tell the driver 14 4. 

PS. Reservation is a must.

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