Kick-start your day with morning devotion

What comes into your mind when you hear the word devotion? For some, devotion seems so boring, time-consuming, and so religious. Some people find it tedious to include in their routine. They rather scan their social media accounts rather than to open an actual book and to meditate in silence.

I was one of those people who thought that devotion was a waste of time. But after engaging myself to reading daily gospels and reflections every morning, my life had changed. It brought me positive vibes and relaxing aura before I do tons of jobs.

I actually bought a devotional when I was in college. I was third year back then when I picked Didache 2012 for no reason at all. I just scanned its pages, read some reflections, and finally, got myself a copy. I wasn’t familiar how to read devotionals. I just read the entire reflections the whole day.

It was March 2015 when I was passing through St. Paul’s stores. I saw their 365 Days with the Lord. It’s on SALE! 100PHP! I bought it, placed it on my desk in school, and tried to read it before I do other things.

This routine continued. For two weeks, for a month, and finally for a year.

I can say that my life has changed because I am happier before I have my classes. I feel the positive aura before starting my day. The silence in our office and the words from my devotionals surely make me feel positive every single day.

I have learned how to deal with my issues and problems lightly. I have learned how to be more patient, understanding, and relaxed before I react. Kalma na ako, bes.

Reading the gospel, reflecting with devotional, and praying in silence allow me to feel God’s presence. 

It’s like embracing God’s words before I start my day. Devotion every morning is your breakfast for your soul and spiritual life. Without it, our life isn’t complete.

This coming 2018, Kerygma books offer devotionals to all walks of life. For youth, I suggest you read Didache Youth 2018. This will be available in MIBF 2017. You can pre-order for only 100 here. Also, I contributed some reflections here. Hehe! Maybe, buying this is also supporting your beloved friend, Kim. 🙂


Have you tried reading the bible every day? If yes, how did it change you life? If not, what stops you from morning devotion?


Praying for you,



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