I just defended my thesis proposal! (finally!)

Henlo, reader-friends. This is basically just a life update on how I was able to survive my thesis proposal defense.

It is really a big deal for me because: first, it is my dream school. Second, it is my dream course. Third, this defense basically sums up my education in the graduate school. Bonus points: Ito ‘yung isasagot ko kapag may nagtanong sa akin kung bakit ‘di pa ako nag-aasawa or kung may plano ba akong mag-asawa. Balakayojan.

Going to graduate school is never easy. The transportation, the adjustments, and the readings that I all have to do just because this is my dream. Plus, I am working full time. This dream is definitely tiring but it is worth it. (I remembered traveling to UP for three hours just for one subject. :D)

I forgot to appreciate this dream during the pandemic. I did not to enroll any classes since pandemic because I was planning to teach abroad. ESL Teacher sana! But, COVID happen, back to step 1 of adulting 101.

But I believe that God has a purpose. Huhu. Thank you Lord for realigning my plans! ❀

So I took the courage to defend my proposal. One month preparation, plus one week of questioning myself. “Bakit ko ba ‘to ginagawa?” Also, sleepless nights because of overthinking.

But hey, God is great. He surely wants me to finish my masters degree.

My panel members are: Dr. Joey Baquiran, Director, ICW), Dr. Jimmuel Naval (Dean of CAL, UPD), Dr. Rommel Rodriguez (CAL, Graduate Studies Head), and my thesis adviser is Dr. Eugene Y. Evasco!

At eto ako, alikabok. Haha. I am working on a YA NOVEL or Panitikang Pangkabataan. Sana mapanindigan! Pagdasal niyo ako please.

I was asked to: read more literature, review my poetics, and prove that my education in UPD has helped me improve my writing style. Sabi ng isang panel, “Husayan mo pa nang konte.”

Right now, I am working on my structure and building my plot. I will not rush. I will do it because I love and want to do it. Huhuhu.

I hope you will also choose to chase your dreams no matter how challenging it is. Padayon!


Author: kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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